Young Women at Higher Risk from Heart Attacks

By Robert Preidt
HealthDay reporter

THURSDAY, October 15, 2020 (HealthDay News) – Young women who suffer from a heart attack are more likely than men to die within a decade of surgery, according to a new study.

It included more than 400 women and nearly 1,700 men, on average 45 years old, who had a first heart attack between 2000 and 2016.

During a mean follow-up of over 11 years, there was no statistically significant difference between males and females for in-hospital deaths or for heart-related deaths.

However, women had a 1.6 times higher risk of dying from other causes during follow-up, according to the study published Oct. 14 in the European Heart Journal.

“Cardiovascular deaths occurred in 73 men and 21 women, 4.4% vs. 5.3% respectively, over a median follow-up period of 11.2 years,” said Dr. Ron Blankstein, study leader, preventive cardiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

“However, excluding in-hospital deaths, there were 157 male deaths and 54 female deaths from all causes during the follow-up period: 9.5% vs. 13.5% respectively, which is a significant difference and a greater proportion of women died of causes other than cardiovascular problems, respectively 8.4% versus 5.4%, ”Blankstein said in a press release.

The study also found that women were less likely than men to undergo invasive procedures after being admitted to hospital for a heart attack, or to be treated with certain medications upon discharge, such as l ‘aspirin, beta blockers, ACE inhibitors and statins.

“It’s important to note that overall, most heart attacks in people under the age of 50 occur in men. Only 19% of people in this study were women. However, women who experience heart attack heart attacks at a young age often have similar symptoms. as men, they are more likely to have diabetes, have lower socioeconomic status and are ultimately more likely to die in the long term, ”noted Blankstein.

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