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The Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG) announced today (March 16) that new SafeEntry gateways will be deployed in selected locations with large numbers of people starting April 19.

These sites include shopping malls, cinemas, hospitals and closed tourist attractions, and will need to deploy the new SafeEntry Gateway in addition to existing SafeEntry check-in methods.

The new SafeEntry Gateway will also be placed in large stand-alone outlets, supermarkets, public libraries, selected museums and galleries, MICE event venues, places of worship and funeral homes with recovery rooms.

Popular wet markets where the new gateways will be installed include Geylang Serai Market, Chong Pang Market, Marchiling Lane 20 and 21 Block Markets, and 505 Jurong West Street 52 Block.

Finally, public and private hospitals, national specialty centers, community hospitals and polyclinics will also have to deploy the bridges.

How to register with the new gateway

According to the SNDGG, site operators can either install a physical device, the SafeEntry Gateway box, or use the updated SafeEntry (Business) application.

Much like using an EZ Link card, visitors can place their TraceTogether tokens or their phone with the TraceTogether app open within 25cm of the gateway for a contactless check-in process.

If the registration is successful, the box will emit a green light and a beep, and the SafeEntry (Business) app will display a green screen.

Currently, companies can use the SafeEntry (Business) app to scan QR codes on visitors’ TraceTogether tokens or NRICs.

TraceTogether token users can also use SafeEntry gateways to check if their tokens are low on battery. If a token runs out of battery, it will not beep at gateways.

The TraceTogether token battery should last four to six months, depending on its model.

The SNDGG said that from April, token replacement stations will be installed at some sites where the gateways have been deployed.

Citizens can replace exhausted or defective tokens free of charge at any community center.

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