Worst Yet to Come as COVID-19 Surges

December 28, 2020 – Anthony Fauci, MD, says the coronavirus pandemic could worsen in the coming months, including an increase in the number of cases after the holidays.

In an interview on CNN, Fauci was asked if he thinks “the worst is yet to come”. He said, “Yes.”

“We could very well see a post-seasonal surge – in the sense of Christmas, New Years – and, as I described it, as a surge on a wave,” said Fauci, the director of the National Institute. of Allergy and infectious diseases.

Fauci said vacation travel could cause an increase in cases. In addition to exposing themselves at airports, travelers typically mix up households when they arrive at their destinations, he said. Even though health officials are urging people not to travel, “it’s going to happen,” Fauci said.

“We are really at a very critical point … So I share President-elect (Joe) Biden’s concern that as we move into the next few weeks the situation may actually get worse,” Fauci said.

Biden recently said the “darker days” of the coronavirus pandemic were ahead and urged Americans to prepare for an uphill struggle. Fauci has agreed to become Biden’s primary health advisor.

December has already been the toughest month for the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.

More than 65,000 people have died from coronavirus-related reasons so far this month, up from just around 37,000 in November, according to the Covid Tracking Project. Hospitalizations are on the rise, with more than 100,000 people in hospital per day since December 2.

Overall, there have been over 19 million confirmed cases in the United States and more than 333,000 COVID-related deaths – the highest number of any country in the world.

COVID-19 vaccinations are expected to bring the pandemic under control, but it will take the United States several months to develop herd immunity, Fauci said. Health workers and residents of long-term care facilities are the priority groups receiving the vaccine.

“Hopefully by the time we get to the fall we hit that critical percentage of people that we can really start to think about getting back to some form of normalcy,” Fauci said.

Fauci, who just turned 80, was recently vaccinated against COVID-19. He said he had no side effects other than arm pain for about 24 hours.

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