World’s Longest Living Creature Found Near Australia’s Waters

World’s Longest Living Creature Found Near Australia’s Waters

A unique living creature was discovered in the waters off of Australia this month. The Schmidt Ocean Institute found an intriguing creature that could be the world’s longest-living being.

The creature has a string-like body. It has an estimated length of about 390 feet with an outer ring of around 150 feet in length.

The entity is the longest creature to have been found, although it is not necessarily a one-piece item. Rather, it comes from many items that link together and become united to form a larger entity. The aquatic creature also appears to have evolved to where it can capture its prey.

World’s Longest Living Creature Found Near Australia’s Waters
World’s Longest Living Creature Found Near Australia’s Waters

The Specific Item

The material the Schmidt Ocean Institute found is called an apolemia, a type of siphonophore. The being is a string-like figure that features several segments called zooids. These are asexual entities that perform functions to produce a larger body with all items linking in one chain. The chain acts in unison and can produce lengths of more than a hundred feet. However, an average siphonophore is only a few centimeters thick, thus making it fragile.

While many people at SOI have seen prior creatures similar to this up to a few feet long, they have never seen one this developed. What’s more is that the creature has developed enough of a shape to produce a spiral appearance. The spiral shape allows the entity to capture its prey, thus giving it an evolutionary advantage over others.

One zooid in the array will grab a fish or other prey. The zooid then reels it into the rest of the colony. The other zooids will operate as mouths of sorts to devour the creature. The teamwork among all the segments is critical to its survival.

The unique entity was found on the coast off of Western Australia. The discovery came from the Falkor, a research vessel operated by SOI. The research project went through waters that are not regularly explored. Scientists say that close to thirty different species of marine life were discovered in the expedition. These include mostly microscopic beings, although these might help in looking into the evolution of marine life and into possible relationships between different things in the wild.

For Comparison

The general length of this being is significant when in comparison with other organisms that have been found in the water. The largest animal in the world is the blue whale, which can be over a hundred feet in length. The whale is still larger in mass than the general item discovered in Australia. But the immense size of the new discovery and the evolutionary function it uses for capturing and devouring its prey makes for an interesting discovery.

Whether there are more creatures like this around the world is unclear. But it is intriguing to see how the creature has grown and become visible in its discovery. The species is one of the most unique items to have been found under the sea in the past few years.

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