Will And Well Makes Clothes For The Disabled

For the most part, getting dressed every day is a given and doesn’t require a lot of effort at all.

However, for people with disabilities it is a whole different experience that can even be compared to a “struggle”.

Will & Well founder Elisa Lim was in her early 20s when she realized there was a need to make clothes for people with disabilities that could be worn more easily.

The 26-year-old told Vulcan Post that she had always been passionate about fashion design and had both graduated and graduated in fashion.

During the last year of her degree in 2015, a doctor approached her to design clothes for her bedridden patients.

She took charge of the project and started talking to many different patients, before realizing there was a huge need for inclusive clothing.

For the next two years, she continued to research the topic, learning about the fashion needs of different people with disabilities.

“I’ve talked to patients, I’ve been to hospitals, homes for the aged, and social service agencies – to talk to people in wheelchairs, people with cerebral palsy, etc.,” he said. she declared.

In 2017, she graduated in Fashion Design and created Will & Well, which was inspired by her final year project which featured a clothing line for wheelchair users.

Combining fashion and technology

will and well singapore inclusive mode
Image Credit: Will & Well via Facebook

Will & Well is an inclusive fashion brand founded to improve lives by changing the way people wear clothes.

According to the brand, “many elements of modern clothing such as buttons and back zippers have not been updated for centuries, and these drawbacks are further magnified for people with disabilities.”

Elisa and her team thus implement design thinking and technology to create new ways of wearing clothes by combining fashion and function.

Some of the technology behind Will & Well’s clothing includes Magsnap – neodymium magnetic buttons that snap into place with simple movements, eliminating the need for conventional buttons.

will and well singapore inclusive mode
Short Sleeve Fitted Shirt – MagSnap / Image Credit: Will & Well

Another is the Frontslit parallel full length zippers which allow the pants to open fully. It is specially designed to help caregivers, avoiding turning and turning or pulling to put on pants.

“Fashion is first and foremost about the aesthetic, you want to wear something because it looks good,” Elisa said.

This is something she achieved during her two years of researching and interacting with people, which inspired her to design these functional but fashionable pieces.

Obviously, the emphasis is on research before creating the final pieces.

“We really spend time figuring out what the dressing challenges are, and we do that before we get to the design,” Elisa said.

Will & Well also manufactures personalized clothing for customers. The process includes a consultation to understand the customer’s needs, a design proposal, design approval, and then fittings.

Most recently, the team created a “dress that lights up” for Amelia, a 14-year-old whose health issues were not fully understood by her doctors.

The dress was highly personalized to meet Amelia’s needs. For example, Amelia consumes through a feeding tube by her side and her parents have to lift her shirt for meals.

So Elisa and her team included an additional opening on the side with water resistant fabric to help make Amelia’s dining experience more enjoyable.

A better and easier future

will and well singapore inclusive mode
Image Credit: Will and Well via Facebook

Elisa thought that when she started she never intended to start a business.

However, she had already completed her research and “sowed a seed of hope” among her research participants. She felt that the next natural step was to make these clothes available to them.

The name “Will & Well” was decided on a whim, and Elisa laughed when she mentioned that a friend of hers had thought about it while she was in the bathroom.

Despite this, she had a “very natural understanding” of what she wanted Will & Well to represent to her clients.

If they (the clients) have the will to live a good life, we’ll be there to make them live well. This is essentially what our products and services do for people.

Elisa Lim, founder of Will & Well in an interview with Vulcan Post

Will & Well was incorporated three years ago, and the most satisfying aspect of the business for Elisa is being able to meet the needs of her clients.

Since then, the brand has also branched out with workshops – Sew Simple – that teach customers how to redefine and redesign existing clothing to improve its functionality.

will and well singapore inclusive mode
Image Credit: Will & Well via Facebook

They have also just launched their second collection online, which offers more variations in sizes and styles.

Elisa believes that fashion is a means of social innovation and she has been fortunate enough to continue to create solutions for her clients.

“It may not be 100%, but we are heading for a better and easier future,” she said.

Featured Image Credit: Will & Well via Facebook

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