Why Simpleshow Video Maker Integrated Its Namesake Explainer Engine into Microsoft Teams

The explainer video has come under the limelight of corporate and educational technology in recent months, due to the remote structures of countless companies and universities. Simplehow, the leading provider of how-to videos, has even pivoted its core SaaS offering, the simplehow video maker, to meet the growing demand for collaborative technology programs built into the global communications hub, Microsoft Teams.

This year alone, Microsoft Teams saw an increase in user numbers – 75 million new daily users in the past six months alone. As more businesses and schools continue to flock to the collaborative platform, the need for effective applications such as simplehow video maker will only grow.

What makes Simplehow Video Maker different from other explanatory video tools?

There are a few key points that make simplehow video maker the top choice for making videos. The first being that users really need zero technical or video experience. Users of any age can log in, download or type in a script, select the matching images, and bring it all together seamlessly and quickly. It’s that simple.

Beyond its ease of use, there is some pretty amazing technology that powers the explanation engine. Amazon Polly, semantic analysis, natural language stacks, and unmatched text-to-video AI capabilities make this video maker exceptionally accurate and compelling.

Not to mention, a few clicks of a button will provide you with some pretty awesome features. Add captions, easily record scene-by-scene voiceovers, emphasize graphics, and even insert company or school logos for a branded presentation in minutes.

How Teams Integration Will Improve Productivity

Too often these days, businesses and classrooms rely on text-rich materials and repetitive formats to communicate important information and lessons. For this reason, the simplehow and Teams collaboration is a game-changer. Imagine a world where educational lesson plans, presentations, company manuals and more can be broken down into 60 seconds of consumable information. The resources created are available on demand and easily accessible in the video creator’s cloud, hosted in a Teams environment. This ensures that users stay within your organization’s work environment, without jumping to open new windows, applications, and third-party software. The power of this shift in information disbursement is enormous and rings true to the simplehow’s core mission – to deliver knowledge without boundaries.

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