Which Apple Watch And iPad Is Right For You?

Well, it’s that time of year again – September / October is when the folks at Apple are refreshing their product line for the holiday season, and this year we’re spoiled for choice. choice in the best possible way.

At their “Time Flies” event last month, Tim Cook and his team made some expected announcements for the Apple Watch and iPad, but also surprised a few surprises like the Apple Watch SE and a redesigned iPad Air.

Apple’s lineup is more comprehensive than it’s ever been, but with more choice comes more considerations, too. This can all get a bit confusing for more casual consumers, so here’s a rundown of which one you should get:

Apple Watch

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Available models:
Apple Watch Series 6: from S $ 599 (40mm) / S $ 649 (44mm)
Apple Watch SE: from S $ 419 (40mm) / S $ 469 (44mm)
Apple Watch Series 3: from S $ 299 (40mm) / S $ 349 (44mm)

Honestly, the Apple Watch Series 6 isn’t much of a leap over the Series 5 – the biggest addition this year is a blood oxygen sensor, which – while certainly useful for some – doesn’t. won’t be a major selling point for most.

That said, however, the Series 6 has essentially replaced the now-discontinued Series 5, and with the price unchanged, there’s no reason. do not to get it if you’re looking for a flagship Apple Watch.

If the price of S $ 599 is a factor, then you might want to consider the new Apple Watch SE, which costs S $ 180 less than the 6 Series. The SE has the same S6 processor as the 6 Series, this which means you don’t lose anything in the performance department.

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What else Is lose more high-end features, like the aforementioned blood oxygen sensor, ECG app, and always-on display (the latter being a particularly painful omission). This really is a case of “you get what you pay for”, and if any of these are important to you, we recommend spending more money and getting into Series 6.

It should also be noted that Apple is again selling the Series 3 for S $ 299, but in our opinion the product is on its last legs and you’d better spend an extra S $ 120 to get the SE.

The TL; DR: Which Apple Watch you get depends on what you currently own: If you’re using a Series 4 or 5, the blood oxygen sensor alone isn’t enough to justify an upgrade to Series 6, and you can probably get one or two more. years of mileage of your current device.

If you’re using Series 3 and below, however, switching to Series 6 makes a lot more sense. The biggest Apple Watch upgrades seem to be behind them, and now is probably a good time to take advantage of the features introduced in Series 4 and 5.

And if you’re looking to get an Apple Watch at the lowest possible price, you should at least buy the Apple Watch SE to keep your purchase going.


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Available models
iPad: S $ 499 (32 GB)
iPad Mini: from S $ 599 (64 GB)
iPad Air: from S $ 879 (64 GB)
iPad Pro: from S $ 1,199 (11 inch, 128 GB) / S1 $,499 (12.9 inch, 128 GB)

With four options in their lineup and two recently refreshed, the question of which iPad to get is a bit more complicated than that of the Apple Watch.

On the entry-level side, you have the new 8th-gen iPad and the 5th-gen iPad Mini, which launched last year. Both are similarly priced, equipped with an A12 Bionic chip and compatible with the 1st gen Apple Pencil, so which one to choose really depends on your size preference.

One aspect where the two differ, however, is keyboard compatibility – the iPad is compatible with Apple’s Smart Keyboard while the iPad Mini is only compatible with Bluetooth keyboards (i.e. (say Apple or third-party Magic Keyboard), so the larger iPad has a slight advantage in terms of convenience.

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On the other hand, the iPad Pro remains at the top of the performance slope with its A12Z Bionic chip. The recently announced iPad Air (available later this month), on the other hand, is solid middle ground for those who want a more powerful iPad, but don’t want to shell out more than S $ 1,000 for an iPad Pro.

Like the Apple Watch SE, the iPad Air loses a few features like Face ID and an additional ultra-wide camera, but these are things you can honestly do without. The iPad Pro comes in a larger 12.9-inch form factor, so you’ll have to jump into Apple’s more premium offering if real estate is a consideration.

The TL; DR: In our opinion, the iPad Air – especially with its iPad Pro-esque redesign – will be the best choice for most people. Like the iPad Pro, it’s compatible with more high-end devices from Apple such as the Magic Keyboard and the second-generation Apple Pencil, and its new A14 Bionic processor means it will be relevant for at least the next few years. years.

That said, the iPad and iPad mini are also good choices if you’re on a budget. Having used both personally, we have to say that all The iPad in the current lineup won’t have any issues in the performance department, so at the end of the day it’s really a question of size and what peripherals you want to use.

So who is the iPad Pro for? The people who insist on having the most specialized iPad possible and the digital artists who will benefit from the extra screen space, we assume.


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Apple surprisingly didn’t unveil a new iPhone at its September event, but we might not have to wait much longer to see the 2020 edition of the popular smartphone.

See, Apple is having another online event – titled “Hi, Speed” – on October 13, and all signs are that the new iPhones will be unveiled (what else could it be, really?).

Rumor has it that – in addition to the usual successors to the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max – Apple will also unveil a new “mini” variant with a 5.4-inch screen. The phones will also likely use the A14 Bionic chip that was introduced in the iPad Air.

Of course, this is all just speculation at this point, so it’s best to wait and watch the official announcement tomorrow. We’ll definitely be taking a look at the new iPhones when they are finally released, so watch this space.

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