What to Know About COVID Contact Tracing and Scams

CDC: “Contact tracking for COVID-19”.

New Jersey State: “What Are Common Misconceptions About Contact Tracing?”

Georges Benjamin, MD, Executive Director, American Public Health Association.

Amesh Adalja, MD, senior researcher, Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, Baltimore.

California Connected: “Contact tracking”.

Federal Trade Commission: “Contact Tracing Call? 5 Things You Should Know.”

Mary Urtecho-Garcia, Contact Tracer, City of Pasadena, Calif., Department of Public Health.

Montana Department of Justice: “Attorney General Fox Warns Montanans Against Contact Tracing Scams.”

Rockland County: “COVID-19 Cluster Announced”.

New Jersey State Department of Health: “New Jersey Department of Health Launches Contact Tracing Dashboard.”

California State Department of Justice: “Attorney General Becerra Issues Consumer Alert on COVID-19 Contact Tracing Scams.”

The Lancet: “Effectiveness of Isolation, Testing, Contact Tracing, and Physical Distancing on Reducing Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in Different Settings: A Mathematical Modeling Study.”

NJ.com: “‘Take the fucking call,’ urges Murphy as the contact runners continue to hit the brick wall.”

The Washington Post: “Coronavirus detectives couldn’t get revelers to answer the phones. So they are issuing subpoenas.”

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