Trump Touts Unproven Therapy as COVID ‘Cure’

Initial data from the study shows Regeneron therapy to be safe and has few side effects, according to CNN. Human clinical trials began in June, and advanced stage trials began in July. Some scientists are waiting for more data and a peer review to decide on the drug’s effectiveness.

“I would withhold any judgment on this until we see the data,” Richard Besser, former CDC acting director and now head of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, told CNN.

“You know that these first results that keep coming out of companies in press releases seem to me… much more on stock prices than on science,” he said.

At least 70 other anti-COVID-19 treatments are being tested. Among these, Eli Lilly also submitted to the FDA on Wednesday an application for authorization of emergency use of his treatment with single monoclonal antibodies. The company plans to submit an application for its combination therapy in November.

The company could have 100,000 doses available this month and 1 million doses ready by the end of December, according to CNN.

“We expect that there will be no charges for patients,” Daniel Skovronsky, MD, scientific director of Eli Lilly, told CNN Wednesday.

Along with requests for emergency use authorizations from the FDA, the two companies will continue to study antibody therapies in large clinical trials, which will provide better data on safety and function. treatments.

“Randomized clinical trials to answer these questions are now a priority,” said Martin Landray, PhD, epidemiologist at the University of Oxford, at the Science Media Center in the UK.

There is a “way to go” before data shows whether these antibody drugs can actually reduce severe forms of COVID-19, he said. This requires important data on hospital admissions, length of hospital stays, the need for mechanical ventilation, and survival rates in patients with coronavirus.

“It is encouraging to see that Eli Lilly and Regeneron have active plans for much larger trials in a range of different settings, including nursing homes, outpatients and inpatients,” Landray said.

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