Tony Fernandes gets gifted an NFT by Jay Chou called Phanta Bear

Last week, NFTs of Syed Saddiq’s face went on sale on the NFT OpenSea marketplace. He sells them for charity, hoping to raise money for flood relief efforts, and more, down the road.

More recently, another prominent Malaysian whose name is synonymous with AirAsia hopped on the NFT train. News Flash: Tony Fernandes received an NFT from Jay Chou’s collection called PhantaBear, and it was purchased by his donor for 1 ETH (around RM14,000 at time of writing).

“My first NFT gift. Thanks south asian guy. Watch airasia on Internet 3.0, ”Tony Fernandes wrote in an Instagram post announcing the news.

On OpenSea we can see the transactions that took place for Tony to become the owner of PHANTA BEAR # 1281.

PHANTA BEAR # 1281 transaction details

Looking at the details of the transaction of PHANTA BEAR # 1281, you can see that user “AC8C10” purchased the NFT from a person named “tantan_” and transferred ownership to “EB2DA4”. EB2DA4 is presumably Toney Fernandes, according to his Instagram post claiming ownership of the NFT.

Upon entering the AC8C10 profile, you will notice that they own the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) “bigpayme.eth”. But it would be a stretch at this point to immediately assume that AC8C10 is affiliated with BigPay in any way.

Dictionary time: ENS is an Ethereum-based project that allows users to view long Ethereum public addresses in a simplified, text-based way. This makes it easier to share, use, and remember addresses and other data.

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That is, unless BigPay itself uses this domain in the future, or if there are future transactions from this account that direct us to BigPay or AirAsia.

The account which is linked to “AC8C10”

However, Tony’s Instagram caption for his NFT post piqued our curiosity. “Watch airasia on Internet 3.0”, could we assume that he is teasing or hinting at the possibility of AirAsia entering the NFT space? Only time will tell, let’s assume.

If so, then off the top of our heads, the brand could use NFTs by releasing goods bundled with NFTs, or even creating AllStar avatars for the metaverse.

We know that the brand is not shy about trying new things, for example with the launch of its virtual idol in 2021 and its chatbot AI AVA in 2019.

But for now all we can say for sure is that Tony is affiliated with the wallet, “0xeb2da416dee2b7fa45c9723a1c66478d47a3fe3b”, and we will certainly be keeping an eye on any future transactions he’s involved in.

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Featured Image Credit: Tony Fernandes

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