This S’pore Startup Rents Out Your Home And Turns It Into A ‘Filmplace’

Airbnb and short-term rental owners have felt the devastating effects of stopping travel due to Covid-19.

In Singapore, many have chosen to limit travel and the government has also placed restrictions on short-term rentals.

Founded in 2019, Filmplace aims to breathe new life into Airbnb spaces.

It is the first market platform that allows homeowners in Singapore to monetize their homes by renting them out as film locations.

Solve the problems of the global media industry

Lincoln Lin Cinema
Lincoln Lin far right / Image credit: Filmplace

Founder Lincoln Lin is an award-winning filmmaker who has won multiple awards at the 2014 Mumbai International Film Festival and the 2016 Singapore World International Film Festival for his direction and cinematography.

The 27-year-old directed Our Time (a Korean short) and was responsible for cinematography for the official music video for Long Long Time Ago 2 by famed Singaporean director Jack Neo.

He has also directed, produced and edited for over six different YouTube channels, as well as worked with major brands and events such as Sony, National Day Parade 2016 and Google Inc.

With nearly 10 years of experience in the film industry and as the owner of a production company, he has personally experienced the problem of sourcing locations.

According to Lincoln, this is a common problem facing the global media industry.

Everyone is trying to secure a lowest cost film location with minimum resources in the shortest possible time, but the industry still uses a very archaic method of sourcing for film locations.

Currently, production companies have to hire a site manager who costs between US $ 300 and US $ 500 per day to determine a few sites.

Companies will then have to recognize the locations, which is therefore labor intensive and manual.

Lincoln Lin, Founder and CEO of Filmplace

Traditionally, the location manager takes four to seven days to detect a location. There is no fixed price, the catalogs are out of date and multiple risks such as unsecured payment transactions are involved.

This is what inspired Lincoln to develop an efficient and secure platform to help production companies better find their locations.

Airbnb for the media industry

Screenshot of Filmplace website
Screenshot of Filmplace website

Instead of reserving space for accommodation, Filmplace allows users – mostly brands, movie companies and influencers – to search for filming locations around the world in minutes instead of spending days with a fixer or a place manager.

Lincoln explained that it’s very easy to list your space or home at Filmplace.

Interested hosts can register and provide as much information about the location as possible, such as photo uploads and prices.

The team will then verify the details that have been submitted. Once verified, the list will be posted on the site.

With so many inactive Airbnb homes and short-term rental spaces, homeowners can now find another use for their spaces.

Essentially, the platform helps site owners earn an additional stream of passive income by monetizing their existing space.

Home transformed into a filming location / Image credit: Filmplace

A quick search for a location in Singapore this weekend shows prices ranging from US $ 15 (S $ 20) per hour for a meeting room at MOX, Katong Point to US $ 7,500 per hour for a luxury ship Royal Albatross.

Meanwhile, a five-room HDB apartment in Singapore is available for rent starting at US $ 18.75 (S $ 25) per hour, and the living room rental rate of a well-furnished condo. is US $ 290 (S $ 380) per hour. .

They can earn much more thanks to Filmplace by hosting their room, their house or their rooms which can earn between 500 and 2000 US dollars per month.

In general, Airbnb rentals usually cost between $ 50-80 per night, while in Filmplace you can usually earn $ 800 per 10 hours.

Lincoln Lin, Founder and CEO of Filmplace

The service charge ranges from 9% to 12%, depending on whether you are a regular host or a professional host.

Lincoln added that they receive tens to hundreds of reservation requests daily and have helped locals earn thousands of dollars a month.

Rapid expansion despite COVID-19 pandemic

Due to Covid-19, large-scale film productions have been suspended around the world.

Singapore also has a limit on the number of people. As a result, small productions can still continue, provided that safe distancing measures are observed.

This is one of the reasons Filmplace expanded to four markets during the pandemic. It has also started listing locations on the platform that are suitable for smaller scale productions.

South Korea Film
Image Credit: Filmplace

While Filmplace is still in the beta launch phase, they have already attracted over 1,600 users to their platform over the past year, with over 400 locations listed worldwide in their market.

They also raised nearly S $ 300,000 as part of a pre-start funding round to further develop their business.

According to Filmplace, these funds will aim to facilitate their entry into the UK and US markets, expanding their current market portfolio in Malaysia, Taiwan, India and South Korea.

They plan to officially launch their public beta soon, updated with features tailored to the Covid-19 situation, such as disinfection services before and after filming.

They also plan to roll out a mobile app in the near future to better serve their customers, Lincoln said.

Featured Image Credit: Filmplace

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