These Investment Advisers Have Been Placed On SC’s Investor Alert List

The Securities Commission (SC) has identified seven operators, individuals or companies, that the regulator has found to offer unlicensed investment advice, to shut down their operations.

The CS said in a statement released today that it had issued a “ cease and desist ” order to the seven unlicensed operators, as they were found to be “ in the business of advising to others relating to securities or derivatives, including providing recommendations on the actions after the payment of a fee “.

“These activities were generally carried out in private subscription discussion groups on Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook,” the SC said in the statement.

The seven unlicensed operators and advisers who have been placed on the SC’s investor alert list are:

  1. Don Trader / DT Academy Sdn Bhd
  2. Saham / Ergonamos Marketing Engineer – Mohd Faizal Bin Raihan
  3. Felix Consulting
  4. Masterclass Trading Lifestyle / LTM Tech – Jeremy Looi Chee Keong
  5. One Stock Center / Stock Advisor / The SuperInvestor / SA Expert Consultancy – Logeswaran A / L Balasubramaniam
  6. Serikandi Saham / Thoriq Legacy Sdn Bhd – Fatin Fatini Binti Ismadi
  7. Teknik Saham – Fazlisyam Bin Md Isa

The SC also warned investors to be wary of operators of other online webinars, seminars, social media discussion forums and messaging apps that conduct unlicensed investment advice.

“The SC is monitoring this closely and will take action, where appropriate, against those who violate securities laws,” the SC statement added.

The public is also invited to notify the CS if they have been approached by
unlicensed individuals offering capital investment advice to or
call + 603-6204 8999.

Investor who wishes to confirm the license or registration of individuals, companies and
Platforms offering capital market services or products and investment advice can check through the public register of license holders and the list of recognized and registered market operators.

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