The Latest Addition to the Gaming Market – Bitcoin Games

Almost everyone knows what a cryptocurrency is. This new form of currency is changing the way people look at money. One of the most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, is revolutionizing the world of finance. In other words, it’s a trend with a growing number of followers.

Success stories are hard to ignore, which is why so many people are looking to start trading. One of the industries that keeps an eye on the trends in the gaming industry. Many trends have entered the industry. Smartphones started out as the next step in mobile phones and now they’re kind of gaming consoles.

In addition, various technological advancements have enabled game development companies to produce better games. This means that the graphics have improved, as has the gameplay. In doing so, he has satisfied millions of gamers around the world.

When it comes to Bitcoin, some platforms already accept it as a payment method for gift cards. The blockchain behind crypto has inspired developers to create interesting games. This is how Bitcoin games became the new ones in the market. If you want to try them out, here are some suggestions:

Bitcoin Hero

This is a trading simulation application. If you are a novice Bitcoin trader or looking to get started with Bitcoin trading, you can use a little practice first. Thanks to Bitcoin Hero, you will get some. This game uses virtual dollars and gives you a starting budget to trade.

You will have several tools to analyze the market. Also, the asset prices are real Bitcoin prices which makes it a very good simulator. Using this simulator, you will learn how to react in various situations. In other words, you will master the basics that will allow you to grow as a Bitcoin trader.

When it comes to making the right decisions, you can always rely on trading platforms. These will do the work for you and allow you to reap the benefits. Among the many platforms, you will come across the official Bitcoin Prime website. To use it, you will need to create an account and make the minimum deposit. Then you will go through some tutorials to better understand how the trading bot works. When this is done, you can configure it for a live session. Also, you can check it from time to time to change the settings if necessary.


It’s a rather relaxing game that you can play. It contains Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. These currencies serve as symbols in the game and your job is to match them. While the game doesn’t just focus on Bitcoin, it is a lot of fun. Once you match these symbols they appear and new ones take their place.

Completing challenges is also part of the game and you will be rewarded if you complete them. Overall, CryptoPop gives it a Candy Crush vibe but at the same time, it’s an entirely different game. That’s why you should check it out.

Merge chats

It’s a title similar to the previous one. In Merge Cats you will have to match different types of cats. The design is simple and easy and adds to the relaxing atmosphere of the game. You will be faced with daily challenges and have the opportunity to overcome them. Once you do, you will get a suitable reward in the form of a real Bitcoin.

Spells of Genesis

Unlike previous entries, this is a blockchain-based collectible card game. You will be able to face opponents in duels and win or lose games along the way. This is how you will improve as a Duelist and strengthen your deck. Thanks to the blockchain, you will keep what you earn and enjoy a good game.


The thing about the gaming industry is that it likes to grow. When you see the game over the years, you will see advancements in the community as well as advancements in technology. Mobile and VR games are the future, but Bitcoin games are part of that future as well.

Crypto will become a mainstream payment method. Also, players will enjoy more Bitcoin games in the future as the crypto games market grows. Overall, it’s a bright future for both the gaming industry and for Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency and inspiration.

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