best five smartphones

The best five smartphones to look for in 2016

The best five smartphones to look for in 2016

best five smartphones In 2016 market has a lot to offer. From smartphones to tablets, there are many advantages and disadvantages which are associated with each purchase. Why don’t you look to buy a smartphone that is best in 2016 today? If yes then here are few ideas and tips on 5 best smartphones in 2016. Have a look into details to attain a complete knowledge about the best smartphones of this year.

1. Iphone 6s and Iphone 7c

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Note 6

3. Sony Xperia Z5/Xperia Z6

4. LG G4/G5

5. Samsung Galaxy S7

Iphone 6s/Iphone 7c

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s plus looks similar to the last year made but features like 3D touch and hardware updates make them look new. The features which are more adorable are the 4k video recorder and 2GB RAM. Look deep inside the phone to have complete look at the device. The company has to offer dramatic changes to the model with large screens which are absent in the previous makes of Iphone. Most of the customers looked into larger screens and the company (Apple) offered what they wanted to hold in their hands. The Iphone 7c is yet to be launched and has many different views. It is assumed to be named either 6c or 7c depending upon the release date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Note 6

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 is the next best model to look for in the 2016 smartphone market. With the joint glass and metal design the phone has much to offer the customers with its all new feature that showcases the next model’s features. S-Pen and fast processors are few to mention among those which are given by the company. The phone does not have a microSD card or removable battery.

The model smartphone is same as that of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that again makes it competitive in the market. But it is lighter and thinner than Note 4. Always remember to chose this smartphone if there is a need for a handy smartphone. However the Note 6 is not yet launched and it is assumed to be launched on september 2016 or in it’s own event.

Sony Xperia Z5/Xperia Z6

The predecessor model Xperia Z3+ is is taken a step ahead with fingerprint sensor made in Sony Xperia Z5. Xperia Z3+ was called Xperia Z4 in Japan and major drawbacks are fixed in Xperia Z5. The Sony Xperia Z5 comes in two specifications namely Sony Xperia Z5 Premium and Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. The company has come up with a minor change to the glass design with a frosted material. Xperia Z5 comes in different colors like gold, black, green and white. The new one Xperia Z6 is yet to be launched either in the month of February or March. Six month cycle does not work well all the time and it can be assumed Z6 to be released on september 2016.


With plastic body G4 is the only model to be the previous mentioned model in the market. It would be very odd if it is the only smartphone to be with a plastic coat rather we assume LG will make with it in the next design G5. These are best stated for the battery life and stability. Not to mention about autofocus property and performance.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The smartphone S6 is well known for the year 2015 and is the same as that of the successor S7. As that of the Apple smartphones, Samsung’s series can be predicted with release dates. The S7 is yet to be released in the month of April. Transforming from plastic to metal coat there should not be a minor change in the design. There can be changes in the screen with alterations in 4k display that caused problems without support in Android markets in the the year 2015.The smartphones in 2016 are great phones to look in the market and with every penny you spend on the phone you are sure to get the benefit out of it.

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