Teo Heng To Reopen Some Outlets

Teo Heng KTV was founded in 1989 by Jackson Teo and is well known to Singaporeans as a family karaoke studio.

The local brand has gone through a particularly difficult time during the Covid-19 pandemic as it has had to remain closed since March of last year.

While their business was shut down, the 120 employees of Teo Heng KTV were forcibly laid off.

Teo Heng has been widely praised for paying his workers’ wages in full for the first six months of the shutdown. However, they had to cut their workers’ wages by 50 percent from last October because of the heavy losses suffered.

Jackson had previously shared with Lianhe Wanbao that he expected to incur losses of $ 500,000 for a one-month shutdown. To date, Teo Heng KTV has been closed for a year.

Now that more Singaporeans are getting vaccinated and the Covid-19 situation is becoming more stable, some Teo Heng outlets will reopen.

A place to “work, dine and relax”

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Image Credit: Teo Heng KTV

Starting this Friday (March 19), some Teo Heng outlets will open their rooms to customers to rent them out as a space to “work, dine and relax”.

According to Mothership, its Causeway Point and Bedok Point outlets will reopen on March 19, while its JCube store will reopen later.

This reflects the strategy that other entertainment venues have followed to increase their revenue streams. For example, the Golden Village movie chain opened its Gold Class lounge for customers to work from the lounge.

Besides working and relaxing, the room can also be used for birthday parties, which Teo Heng will decorate for free.

Teo Heng will provide free equipment such as HDMI cables and a ring light with a stand. Customers can also bring their own food and drink, or purchase canned drinks for S $ 1.

The KTV brand has also said it is exploring other possibilities for venues, such as using them as a training venue for eSports players.

Teo heng
Image Credit: Teo Heng

The rooms will be open from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m., and rental rates vary according to the schedule and the size of the rooms:

  • Small room: S $ 4 (happy hour), S $ 6 (rush hour)
  • Medium room: S $ 6 (happy hour), S $ 8 (rush hour)
  • Large room: S $ 8 (happy hour), S $ 10 (rush hour)
  • Party room: S $ 15 (happy hours), S $ 18 (peak hours)

Rush hours start from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. and customers can enjoy one free hour with a five-hour minimum rental.

To reserve a room, customers can call their hotline on 6760 0345.

Keep hope alive

Earlier, Jackson told the Shin Min Daily News that he plans to raise S $ 1million and fight to overcome this crisis.

The plan never came to fruition as the karaoke bars are still largely closed.

Two months ago, he also announced that he would only keep two of his outlets at Ci Yuan Community Club and Tampines West Community Club.

Hopefully with the pivot and the reopening of two outlets (for now) he may be able to make a comeback.

Featured Image Credit: Teo Heng

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