SusGain App Rewards Eco-Friendly Shoppers With Cashback

A new Singapore-based startup is a lot like ShopBack, but with a social mission.

He created a rewards app called susGain that gives you cash back every time you make eco-friendly purchasing and lifestyle decisions.

Every time you make an eco-responsible choice, you earn susGain points in the app.

This includes the use of water filling stations, recycling points and other public services around the city. The more susGain points you accumulate, the higher your level of rewards and impacts.

Users can also earn cashback every time they make a purchase from a green store featured on the in-store app or online. The app also links your one hundred percent cash back with a cause or charity of your choice.

susGain is not about promoting consumption, because we all know too well how to buy more. However, it is also impossible not to consume… Our goal is to make green and social businesses the preferred choice.

Carolin and Jeebar Barr, co-founders of susGain

susGain makes your ecological lifestyle easier

Launched in February 2020, Carolin and Jeebar say susGain was created to bridge the “intention-action divide” in Singapore.

The couple said they struggled to try and embrace a greener lifestyle after moving to Singapore four years ago.

“I (wondered) what would be the reaction of the peddler if I asked him da bao (my order) in a container that has a different shape from their usual takeout boxes, ”explains Carolin.

“We often forgot to bring our reusable water bottles or shopping bags before it became a habit for us.

take out polystyrene box
Image Credit: Nature Seychelles via Twitter

As awareness of sustainability grows in Singapore, people don’t know where to start, so susGain was created in response.

“We strive to make sustainable lifestyle options the best, cheapest and most practical (lifestyle) choices.”

The app inspires average consumers to go green using game theory: rewarding responsible practices with monetary reward. Interactions turn into sustainable lifestyles.

Entrepreneurship for the family and the greater good

“Starting our own business was a very deliberate decision that we did not take lightly,” the duo said.

Carolin and Jeebar, who are already busy professionals with a dependent daughter, still got the idea.

The two dipped into their savings, working on susGain in addition to their daily work to get it off the ground.

We had this urge to do something, and we got to a point where we felt we really wished we had tried to do our part.

Carolin and Jeebar Barr, co-founders of susGain

Currently, Jeebar holds a Senior Audit Director position at Deloitte, while Carolin was able to work full-time on the application after receiving a grant earlier this year.

susgain app
Image Credit: susGain

While some might think that having your other half as a business partner might not work, they’re thankful that the partnership between them worked.

“We always thought for our sanity we would never work together, but it’s not that bad of an experience after all.”

“Jokes aside, what helps is that we’re aligned with our vision for susGain and have complementary skills. Jeebar is definitely number one and Carolin is more on the creative side of operations. “

Partnerships of companies committed to sustainability

SusGain not only rewards its users, but also the businesses and charities with which it partners.

Businesses reach an audience that invests in an environmentally friendly lifestyle, thereby expanding their customer base.

Meanwhile, charities are tapping into additional funding sources and attracting corporate donors and corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects.

Currently, susGain partners with entities such as The Fashion Pulpit, The Green Collective, Mercy Relief and Zero Waste SG.

singapore fashion chair
Image Credit: The Weekender Singapore

SusGain partners are also selected for their commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To qualify for the platform, companies must have contributed to at least one development goal and commit to improving their sustainable development practices within two years.

Pandemic or not, sustainability is still an issue

According to the couple, the response to susGain so far has been positive.

The app, which is free to download, has seen daily transactions since its launch with a steady increase in registrations.

However, like any other business, susGain has had to adapt to Covid-19. A series of events, public registration campaigns and volunteer activities have been put on hold and the launch date has been pushed back to Phase 2.

The app has shifted towards digital marketing efforts to increase user adoption, focusing on social media, blog content, quizzes and more. More online stores, as opposed to physical stores, have been integrated.

However, the founders of susGain are eager to meet and greet events with its community.

Despite the pandemic, awareness of sustainable practices is more relevant than ever.

Society has been buzzing about the need to find more sustainable options for food delivery, and grassroots initiatives like cleaning up East Coast beaches abound despite the breaker.

What’s important to keep in mind is that every little green step counts. It’s okay not to get it right every time as long as we keep trying. It will get easier over time.

Carolin and Jeebar Barr, co-founders of susGain

Featured Image Credit: Susgain / Green is The New Black

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