SureReserve App Lets You ‘Chope’ A Parking Lot In Advance

Suchet Bhasin and Neil Mehta, co-founders of SureReserve, spent several years in the parking industry in Singapore and previously developed a solution that involves parking sensors to identify available lots.

The solution was tested in collaboration with JTC in their industrial area, which gave birth to another product idea.

“In the digital age where you can book a taxi and reserve a dining table through an app, no such app or service existed to ‘cut off’ parking,” lamented Neil, who is also vice-versa. -President of business development. at SureReserve.

“Drivers always have to navigate large, crowded parking lots trying to find vacant land.”

Founded in 2014, the Singaporean startup’s mission is to simplify the last step of the driving journey: parking. It wants to give users “the power to park” where and when they want it with just a touch.

How to use the SureReserve app

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Neil describes the SureReserve app as something of a “digital pocket valet” because it is aimed at customers who want to make parking fast, easy and convenient.

He anticipates that the app will be useful to a large group of customers – whether it is a family with young children, an elderly couple who wish to park near the elevator lobby to avoid walking a longer distance. , or a busy executive who doesn’t want to waste time and gasoline driving around looking for empty land before a scheduled meeting.

According to Neil, SureReserve is deploying its service in a “small percentage of lots” that are located near the elevator lobbies, where it is convenient for users to access the mall.

When asked if there would be a service charge, Neil said they would impose a “nominal reservation fee” on users. All other drivers can park as they normally do.

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Image Credit: SureReserve

After booking in the app, SureReserve will activate a “parking lock”, or an automated barrier, in the parking lot, which will prevent any car from entering the reserved parking lot.

“When a customer arrives in the field, they can unlock the park lock via the app. The parking lock will then automatically tilt flat against the surface of the parking lot, allowing the driver to drive and park, ”explained Neil.

“You can make a reservation in advance, or if you’re nearby or already in the parking lot, you can use the app to ‘cut’ the SureReserve lot immediately if it’s available.”

Neil assures that their system, which is based on Internet of Things technology, only allows the person who made the reservation to unlock the park lock.

While the idea of ​​not wasting time finding a parking lot is definitely appealing, there would be no point in having a long line to enter the parking lot when it is full. What would be the use of reserving parking in advance?

This is often the case in malls with high footfall during peak periods, so this is something to consider for potential users.

Other potential use cases for the app

Currently, the SureReserve application is still in the pre-launch phase. Drivers willing to try the app can pre-register their interest here and receive free booking coupons.

Neil shared that pre-registrations for the app poured in as soon as word hit social media, and they see this great interest as users report “acceptance of (their) product.”

SureReserve is also working with parking partners such as “major shopping center and retail building operators” to roll out their service in select locations in the coming months.

However, as Singapore moves forward with its electric vehicle (EV) revolution in the years to come, will SureReserve still be relevant?

Neil said they will pivot accordingly. For now, they plan to develop additional functionality to help locate and reserve charging stations for electric vehicles, effectively managing their use.

“We want to make parking as easy and enjoyable as driving itself, and we will continue to develop our systems to do so. With the evolution of electric vehicles and autonomous parking, we are exploring the possibilities of integrating our system with these technologies, ”he added.

To be notified of the launch of SureReserve, you can follow them for updates on their business pages on Instagram or Facebook.

Featured Image Credit: SureReserve

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