S’pore tightens dine-in rules to 2 per group; exemptions for fully vaccinated

Meals in restaurants will be reduced to two per group for those who are not vaccinated, authorities said at a press conference on Friday, July 16.

Only those who are fully immunized can continue to dine in groups of five at certain restaurants, Singapore Multi-Ministerial Task Force Co-Chair Gan Kim Yong said.

The latest measures come in a “major setback” due to the KTV Covid-19 cluster.

The measures will last from July 19 to August 8.

A person is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech / Comirnaty or Moderna vaccines, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said in a separate press release.

Unvaccinated people with a valid negative pre-event COVID-19 (PET) test result or recovered people can also participate in such groups of five, the ministry said.

On Monday July 12, meals in groups of five had resumed as part of an easing of measures, the number of Covid-19 cases having decreased the previous week.

But the latest cluster linked to KTV shows led the government to reverse its decision. The cluster is linked to 120 cases on Friday, making it Singapore’s largest active Covid-19 cluster.

As children under 12 are not eligible for any Covid-19 vaccine under Singapore’s National Immunization Program, they can also dine with members of the same household without PETs.

The health ministry said group sizes would remain at two for hawking centers, food courts and cafes.

Wedding receptions can continue with groups of 5

Wedding receptions can be held in groups of five per table, without everyone in the group being fully immunized.

The reception can include up to 250 people with PET in place. For 50 people, only the wedding party requires PET.

“We recognize that married couples have faced significant uncertainties in recent months. Therefore, we will allow this key life event to continue with the current figures and PET provisions, so that couples do not need to revise their wedding plans again, ”the ministry said. Health.

Reduced high intensity mask activities indoors

The spike in Covid-19 cases locally has also led the Department of Health to downsize groups for high-intensity indoor mask activities. Such activities can only be carried out in the classroom with several groups of two, limited to 30 people, including the instructor, without the need to undergo any tests or vaccinations.

The exception for groups of five will only be when everyone in the class is fully immunized or has recovered from Covid-19, among other measures.

Outdoor activities can continue in groups of up to 5 people, in classes of up to 50 people, instructor included, subject to the site capacity limit, whichever is lower.

Live performances, recorded music and videos will continue to be banned at F&B establishments.

Social gatherings in the workplace not allowed, WFH by default

Working from home will remain the default device to reduce overall interaction in the workplace and on public transport, the health ministry said.

“Employers are reminded to adhere to the practice. Employees who need to come to the workplace should continue to stagger their start times and observe flexible working hours, ”he added.

Social and recreational gatherings in the workplace are prohibited, and work-related events such as product launches and town halls should continue to not serve as dining options.

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