S’pore Residents To Collect A Third Pair Of Reusable Masks From Nov 30

Singapore residents can pick up a pair of antimicrobial masks from vending machines for free during a third distribution exercise organized by the Temasek Foundation.

The new masks are black and come in four sizes, Temasek Foundation CEO Ho Ching explained in a Facebook post Thursday, November 19.

Proshield masks are also antibacterial, washable up to at least 30 times, and highly breathable, so they can be used during exercise.

“These are 3D style masks, with a fitted cutaway shape, similar to many DIY masks, rather than the pleated style like the DET30 masks distributed in previous rounds,” Ho added.

She also said the 3D masks will come with “pockets” in case we want to add extra filters beyond 30 or 50 washes or when we want extra protection.

Collection begins Monday, November 30 at 10 a.m. and ends Sunday, December 13. More details will be released next week.

Image Credit: Temasek Foundation

Those interested in ordering more can also pre-order, November 30, 10 a.m. to December 12.

Residents are encouraged to check their sizes against the sizing models before picking up the free masks or pre-ordering more.

According to the Temasek Foundation’s Mask Size Guide, the best fit for your face can be determined by aligning the middle of your eyes with a ruler and measuring the distance at the bottom of your chin.

They are available in four sizes, including a size S for children under 8 and a slightly larger size M for older children of primary school age as well as children of school age. secondary.

Black masks are available in small (110mm or smaller), medium (100mm-120mm), large (110mm-130mm), and extra large (125mm or larger). A free mask kit in size S will also be available per child aged eight and under.

Image Credit: Temasek Foundation
Image Credit: Temasek Foundation

People who are between two size categories should opt for a larger size, he added.

The same collection method applies – by scanning any identity document issued by Singov at vending machines.

“Avoid the crowds the first two days – there are enough masks for everyone,” Ho added in his Facebook post.

Featured Image Credit: Temasek Foundation

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