S’pore hastens electric public transport: 3-door buses, charging stations

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is taking a further step towards its ambitions in the field of electric vehicles. He announced the launch of 20 all-new single-decker electric buses that hit the roads Wednesday, August 25.

The deployment will be gradual. LTA said in a Facebook post: ‚ÄúThese additions will help us better understand the operational and technical factors of managing an electric bus fleet. This is an important step to help us reach our goal of a 100% cleaner bus fleet by 2040! “

Buses with these characteristics will depart from services 38, 40, 176 and 976.

Charging stations at bus interchanges

These new buses will be loaded using pantograph chargers, which can power the buses in 10 to 15 minutes. This means that the buses can be recharged during their stopovers at the bus interchanges and continue their journey immediately after.

The three doors allow smoother passenger exchanges. There are overhead chargers at bus interchanges and the first to have them are Bedok and Bukit Panjang bus interchanges.

Both SBS Transit and SMRT buses received 10 units of these buses.

Singapore’s green transport goals

Electric buses are the third batch to be rolled out on Singapore roads. In 2020, 40 electric buses were deployed – 30 single-decker and 10 double-decker.

The last batch of electric buses is supplied by Finnish brand Linkker, while the first batch was supplied by Chinese car manufacturers BYD and Yutong.

Buses are part of Singapore’s plans to cut carbon emissions as it switches to green transport by 2040.

The LTA is committed to having a greener public bus fleet by 2040 to reduce vehicle carbon emissions in the face of climate change. There are plans to replace all diesel buses with cleaner energy buses at the end of the life of each diesel bus model.

The buses are also designed to be inclusive for older passengers, those with young children, and those in wheelchairs.

Operation and maintenance staff will also be trained to operate and maintain these buses, thereby enhancing the skills and knowledge base.

Image Credit Featured: Land Transport Authority

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