S’pore Electricity Retailer iSwitch Energy To Deploy 12 EV Charging Points

Singapore’s largest green electricity retailer, iSwitch Energy, announced today (April 19) that it has acquired up to 12 existing charging stations from Finnish technology company PlugIT, marking its entry into the market. local electric vehicle charging market.

Earlier in 2018, another local electricity retailer, Red Dot Power, invested S $ 500,000 to install at least 50 electric vehicle charging stations in Singapore in partnership with PlugIT.

Following the acquisition, iSwitch will offer EV charger installation services to its existing portfolio of over 50 MCSTs (which refers to the organization of managing a property as a property such as a condominium), 10 shopping centers, 600 parking lots and 8,000 residential lots. Properties.

In a media statement, iSwitch expressed its commitment to offset 100% of all electricity used for recharging by purchasing United Nations verified carbon units as part of its green ambition.

This would result in a carbon neutral charge for ‘Scope 2’ emissions, which refers to the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere as a result of the electricity produced which is used to charge the electric vehicle.

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The company plans to offer the use of these charging stations to iSwitch and non-iSwitch customers.

However, iSwitch customers will receive bonus loyalty points, redeemable for their monthly electric bill, resulting in a lower charge cost. According to iSwitch, its current customer base is over 100,000 homes and 6,000 businesses.

“Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals recently announced by the Government of Singapore, we have decided that now is the time for us to enter an exciting new phase,” said Andrew Koscharsky, Commercial Director of iSwitch.

“To complement our existing green energy products, we will now offer new sustainability products to our 100,000 existing customers and across the Singapore energy market.”

The company said it wants to become a “green one-stop-shop” for solar charging, battery storage and electric vehicle points.

In particular, the electric vehicle charging initiative will expand iSwitch’s existing range of sustainable solutions, such as carbon neutral green electricity, home batteries and solar panel installation.

With 60,000 charging points slated to be installed across the country by 2030, iSwitch is well positioned to contribute to the government’s EV ambition by deploying thousands of units across its existing portfolio of condominiums and sites. electricity retailers.

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