Special Treads of Tech Shaping For Future Medicine

Special Treads of Tech Shaping For Future Medicine

Future Medicine

There is wide range of technological development in field of healthcare and medicine our way.  This tends has various verities of patients, stakeholders, researchers, medical professionals, consumers and medical students. They are essential because impart of likely to handle changes of one to another. While looking overview of trend at healthcare technology, turned by Dr. Bertalan Mesko, he is the author of future medicine guide and best medical futurist. This future medicine deals with technology of human touch. It will be developed by indentifies several highly required area and shape of future medicine

Technology and the Human Touch: In it, he identifies several areas that he believes will shape the future of medicine and healthcare for decades to come. This group handle treads below to concepts involves already underway and it impact of near future,

Future Medicine2

Health gamifying: Most commonly games are more ubiquitous and usually it plays through computer or phones. Increase in number of designing team, positive impact is beyond killing time. Combination of games and fun into healthcare apps, which is special motivate patients. It will be identifies after wide research and called date need to decision for daily activities. This will be created according to concentric of health. Most estimated fifty percentages of patients will be affected by disease called as chronic, which is follow by prescribed treatment. Mesko said tracking created environment is given by gamified and keep patient stray’s therapy path.

Enhance empowered of patients: Patients will be treated as equally according to caregivers. Most commonly healthy care is moving hospital and towards shifted self knowledge as well as empowerment.    Internet leads to symptoms and diagnosing of many people, which is identifies in research. People are treating themselves with helps to internet and extreme avoided it. This tradition of health care will be available for genie back of team in bottle. Patients are educating themselves is really good but healthcare professional has to guide them. Embrace participating will own care and new technologies finally created this way. Many medical professionals are well focused towards patients instead of time of hunting pertinent information. It is will be best and it helps to turn parties to get changes of normal one. Health care is more essential and also you have to take care according to physician advance.

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Remote care telemedicine: technology innovative leads to home health care services, which is allow to patient doctor connectivity. This offers way to previously possible and lives with money. Monitoring patients is important one for proper treatment and after procedure will be autonomous robot. Such as RP VITA, I-robot

Medical curriculum vs. re-thinking: medical schools were preparing future physicians, which is full world of dazzling and patients technology. It may take many years and studying medicine practicing will be important as well as long team studies. During this period of time student will learning as well as service as like dynamic professional. It is highly integrated field and much innovation technology behind in it. There is digital classrooms are available, which is new connectional platform for health care professionals and also students. It allow to gain more knowledge about resources and current information.

Humanoid robots for surgical: robotic surgery is more accurate and skill of surgeon will be allow to invasive procedures. This advanced robots are perform critical operation and continents always form future. Robots are never fully over surgical room adaptability of humans also within room because of surgical teams and more integration. Right surgery is highly essential one to sage life. Hence robotic surgical is too good and it safe many life.

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  1. Very informative post Jothi. Besides empowering patients and use of robotics, health games is an area which is both fun as well as therapeutic.

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