Special home remedy for glowing skin

Special home remedy for glowing skin

With summer sizzling temperature, it becomes difficult to take proper care of skin. There are many skin problems that appear during summers. A little carelessness just spoils the entire beauty. Here are a few tricks and tips to treat your skin and keep it glowing, especially when the temperature is rising high. Let’s talk about the common summer’s problems and know the effective home remedies that help us take good care of our skin. Common problems are-

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  1. Sunburn-Sunburns are the outcome of harmful rays of the sun. When you remain in the sun for longer hours your skin tend to look dry, lifeless and full of wrinkles. This no wonder spoils the complete beauty of the skin. You can treat this sunburn at home by following these home remedies-
  • Water treatment- When you had sun burn then try to splash the body water with cold water. Bathing with cold water is definitely a good idea. If you can’t do any of these then try to soothe your skin by putting a wet cloth over the sun burnt parts.
  • Ice cubes- If you suffer severe burns, then apply ice cubes on the affected part.
  • Potato- This vegetable in the kitchen acts like a pain reliever. It can be used on the body parts that are burnt by the sun or any other reason. Rub the slice of potatoes on the sunburn and feel its soothing effect. You can also make a potato pulp and apply to sunburn.
  1. Prickly heat- The very next problem that everyone faces during summers is the problem of prickly heat. Due to excessive sweating, skin starts looking dull. It also gives rise small rashes that create irritating and a burning sensation in the body. Following are the home remedies for treating prickly heat-
  • Baking soda- Baking soda is the best ingredient that is availablein your Add a little cold water to baking soda and now dip a soft cotton cloth in this water. Place this cloth on the affected area for 5-10 minutes. This will help you get relief from irritation or any kind of swelling present there.
  • Ice- Ice soothes prickly heat very effectively. Wrap few ice cubes in a piece of cloth and put it on the affected area for some time. Repeat this method for better results.
  • Chandan powder- The powder is loaded with goodness of lowering down the body temperature. To get the best out of this, mix rose water with sandalwood powder and apply this mixture on the affected area. When dry wash it off with cold water. Repeating theprocess twice a day will help you relieve from the burning sensation.
  1. Pimples and acnes- It is quite common during summers. Acne appears on the skin when skin releases more oil and makes way or blackheads. Follow these home tested remedies for its treatments-
  • Cucumber- Cucumber mask is very effective in treating acnes. Make a paste by mixing oatmeal with cucumber and 1 teaspoon plain yogurt. Apply this pack on pimples and acnes. When dry wash it off with water. It helps in rejuvenating the skin.
  • Honey with lime juice- These two products is also very helpful in treating acnes. When applied after mixing both. Wash it off on drying.
  • Turmeric- Make a paste by mixing turmeric, Chandan powder and almond oil. Apply this pack on your skin. When slightly dry rub it off slowly. Washyour face with cold water.

I am sure with this journal you will be able to treat skin effectively at home. Your kind efforts will definitely work wonders for your skin.

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