Solo Woman Travelling: How to Be Safe

Solo Woman Travelling: How to Be Safe

Solo Woman Travelling: Travelling is empowering, and nothing gives you more power than your own experience. But despite the modern times, most of the women are highly intimidated to travel alone. Even though the times have changed and the travel industry is accepting women travellers, they are still more vulnerable than men while going alone. However, there are always specific ways in which women travellers can keep themselves safe and attentive.


Here Are A Few Tips to Stay Safe On The Way

Know Where You Are Going

I don’t want to say plan a trip ahead. Because without planning a trip may make you explore more and more than a planned one. However, as you reach your destination, start planning your trip. Carry a map of the city along but do not show it off in public or taxis. Besides, install a GPS app on your smartphone to avoid messing around with maps.

Pick A Safe Accommodation

Consult a travel agent and ensure the safety of the place where you are going to put up. Choosing a hotel which has its chains around the country are quite safe for that matter. Don’t take a room that is at the corner of the hotel with no exits or elevators closer to it. Internet always serves as the best way to search for the accommodations in and around the city, so make reservations before you leave your town. Don’t go to a motel.

Be Intuitive

Travelling makes your intuition stronger every time you travel alone. When you get a bad feeling regarding a stranger’s integrity, enter a shop or a guest house and disappear from his eyes. It can’t always be a potential threat, but maybe your instincts are telling you to avoid an undesirable situation. Listen to your heart; it usually knows when there is any danger present.

Solo Woman Travelling

Don’t Show You Are Alone

Just by watching you loitering alone may give a sense to anyone that you are alone. If someone on the way or at your destination asks you if you are travelling alone—lie to them. Tell them you are with someone or say you are visiting your relatives. Maybe the stranger is genuine, but advertising your vulnerability is not a very great idea.

Always Go For Registered Taxis

OK, if not still whenever available take registered taxis. It adds some security to your journey. In such kind of taxis, where your trip is registered, the drivers are disclosed as well. In metro cities, this is one of the best ways to travel safely. Always lock your doors while going to prevent anyone from getting in while you are stopped.

Travel Only In Daytime

Even though, it is not very feasible but tries to arrive at a new place during the daytime. It will help you feel comfortable and safe in the new environment. Also, if you are looking for a place to stay, it is easier to find it during the day rather than wandering in the night.

See If The Area Have Women Around

While having dinner at the restaurant or travelling in a local train or a bus, you have to be observant of how many women are around. If you don’t see any woman around, the idea of leaving from there should be considered. You would be increasing your chances of getting into a situation by staying at a place like that. Follow your gut and get going, connect with women who could help you.

Pen Down All the Important Numbers In Piece Of Paper

Theft is a standard issue that could be faced by any traveller regardless of gender, so keep essential numbers, address book in your wallet or a secret pocket. Besides, a sign of no battery may often get flashed by your cellphone in the middle of nowhere.

Follow Proper Hygiene

Remaining safe while travelling alone doesn’t only involve getting into any situation. It also means staying safe from falling sick and getting any severe infection. Keep antibacterial and antifungal soap always handy to wash your hands before every meal. Even while showering, use the best antifungal soap and body wash to avoid any infection.

I hope it helps. Be safe and have a great trip.

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  1. Very pertinent trips. Yes, safety is our responsibility and we need to keep these in mind while travelling solo.

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