SMRT-Owned Strides Bags Deal To Make And Supply Electric Motorbikes

Strides Transportation, owned by SMRT, announced today (April 19) that it has entered into a one-year partnership with electric motorcycle maker EuroSports Technologies to develop, market and supply intelligent electric motorcycles.

As part of this partnership, Strides will be the sole distributor of commercial electric motorcycles in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. Formed in 2016, it provides premium limousine and bus services in Singapore, as well as car and limousine rental services in Myanmar.

electric scorpion
Scorpio Electric’s first prototype of the electric motorcycle

Meanwhile, EuroSports Technologies – a subsidiary of sports car distributor EuroSports Global – is the creator of Scorpio Electric, the first local high-performance smart electric motorcycle, slated for production in 2022.

It will roll out a new range of two and three wheelers by the fourth quarter of this year, which will be used for food delivery and logistics.

According to local businesses, these motorcycles will be equipped with smart features like over-the-air software updates, Internet of Things connectivity and internal charging systems.

They also have a much lower price tag than its higher end counterparts, but will have lower performance.

EuroSports chief executive Melvin Goh said his collaboration with Strides “will expand the reach of [its] reach to harness the untapped potential of regional electric vehicle markets. “

Commenting on the collaboration, SMRT Road Holdings Chairman Tan Kian Heong said it was aligned with their plans to “build businesses in the electric vehicle ecosystem towards a greener region of Singapore and Southeast Asia. South East”.

In 2019, it announced it would add Toyota hydrogen fuel cell cars to its fleet as part of its efforts to explore other sustainable transportation alternatives.

Featured Image Credit: EuroSports Global

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