Solar LED Street Light

Significance Of Solar LED Street Light System

Significance Of Solar LED Street Light System

Solar LED Street LightThe BBE Solar LEDTM, is designed to get advanced performance because this system totally reduces the all the complications. This system developed with the latest technology, so it provides a number of features. It is the most suitable systems for street, because, it improves the efficiency. This solar LED system completely reduces the carbon-di-oxide emission, so it is the great system, which provides pollution free service.  With the advanced features, a number of countries use these types of systems.  This solar LED system is applicable for the pedestrian walkways, roadways, docks, and piers, remote as well as rural locations and residential roadways. BBE LED system is one of the intelligent streetlights, which is the most favorable as well as the classical lighting solution, which used for the people. Due to the excellent features, this type of systems is taking place in all kinds of roads. It has performance that is more reliable rather than it is the long-term solution, for its operation, it does not need more energy.  Therefore, that is the energy saving system, this system approximately saves more than sixty percentages of energy.  This LED system provides more numbers of powerful options; it perfectly fits for varying applications.  This system has fantastic solid die-cast design, which ensures the flexibility of this system, and it enhances its performance. When compared to other types of a street light system this solar LED system has thermal management features, which improve the lifetime of the light.   With the thermal management features, this system provides greater stability.

Solar panel:  it is the main part of this system, it converting  the heat energy into light energy, the quality solar cells  involves this proves in this process it provides up to  18.5 % light, the solar cell effectively captures the heat energy then it stores the energy in the form of light.  Polycrystalline cell and mono-crystalline cell takes part of this operation.  The solar panel has the ionized outer coating, which helps to ensure the process; it is the important modules to capture the sunlight. The solar LED system provides service up to 30 years, the output power is may vary depends upon the lifetime.

Solar panel

Battery: the solar system having the stable battery, which helps to support the operation, the battery used to store the conventional energy.  The battery made by using the latest technologies such as the AGM and EL technology, it is the greatest technology to get the high ranges of discharging energy. This system varies options available like on pole solutions as well as the in-ground solution. It is the most suitable system for the city because it is the pollution free system, so it does not produce any environmental hazards.  It is hundred percentages safety to use.

Solar battery box: this box designed by using the qualitative materials, so it has the special type fence-reinforcement designs, which provides more durability and flexibility. Based on the demands this box comes along with anti-seismic, anti-acid, and waterproof facilities. The fastening screws makes all the process as easy. The unique design ensures greater security options and it improves the buried pressure.

Solar panel

Solar panel bracket:  it is the major part of this system because it is helping to fix the solar panel in the right direction. This used to absorb maximum heat energy. In order to hold the solar panel this bracket made by using the galvanized material. The power coating helps to avoid the corrosion effects. The angle of the bracket is chooses by based on the graphical location, so it is the most affordable system for the roadways.

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  1. Solar Street light systems are a perfect illumination systems for the lighting of streets, garden, roads positioned in areas that are not linked to the power network.

  2. With the latest technological advancements, solar street lighting system is being widely preferred as the best alternative for the illumination of streets, cross roads, forest area and buildings which are located in areas where electricity is not available.

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