Shopee Makes It Fun For You To Give Back

Giving season is upon us and in the same spirit, the e-commerce giant Shopee will launch the Shopee Giving Tree campaign in connection with its next Christmas sale.

Although 2020 is a difficult year, Shopee wants to foster a stronger community spirit by celebrating small acts of kindness that can make a significant difference.

From December 1 to 25, Shopee will be supporting the local community with charitable initiatives, which offer shoppers the opportunity to spread the holiday cheer.

He also enlisted the help of partners like foodpanda, UOB and Häagen-Dazs to make the donation more fun and rewarding.

Users can give back to Shopee in four easy ways: (1) Participate in Shopee Farm, (2) Donate via Shopee’s Digital Donation Drive, (3) Donate your Shopee coins, (4) Buy gifts from Christmas meaningful to social service agencies.

When shopping on Shopee this Christmas, keep in mind these easy ways to do good and give back:

1. Plant a bountiful tree on the Shopee farm

farm shopee
Image Credit: Shopee

It’s the season of joy and giving, and Shopee lets you do your part through Shopee Farm.

From December 15 to 19, buyers can participate in the #ShopeeGivesBack edition as a donation.

To participate, simply choose a foodpanda, UOB or Häagen-Dazs seed to plant and water it regularly until it reaches harvest stage.

When you collect your donation tree before December 31st, you will be able to use exclusive vouchers. For each tree collected, Shopee and our partners will also donate $ 1 to beneficiaries from December 15 to 19.

2. Donate and get rewarded

shopee sg cares to give a week fund
Image Credit: Shopee

Shopee allows you to do good by allowing you to donate directly on its app. From now until December 25, users can choose to donate to the charities of their choice.

The main beneficiary of Shopee this year is the SG Cares Giving Week Fund under the aegis of the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Center (NVPC).

This partnership aims to support smaller and lesser-known charitable partners who have been impacted by the drop in donations to their causes, as well as those facing a lack of funding channels.

The impact that these small charities have on their beneficiaries – ranging from social causes like children, the elderly, health, animal welfare and even the arts and heritage – is collectively crucial, so we must absolutely lend a helping hand.

You can donate S $ 5, S $ 10 and S $ 25 denominations to the SG Cares Giving Week Fund and in return donors will receive a voucher from participating Shopee partners – foodpanda, UOB and Häagen-Dazs – as a way of thanks.

shopee donates a good partner
Image Credit: Shopee
shopee donates action for singapore dogs
Image Credit: Shopee

Additionally, partnering with nine animal welfare groups such as SPCA, SOSD and Action for Singapore Dogs, users can also donate S $ 5 to any group of their choice and receive an exclusive voucher pack. .

3. Donate Shopee coins

shopee coins donate
Screenshot of the Shopee app

Beyond cash donations, Shopee also allows users to donate their Shopee coins in the app currency, which can be used to offset purchases.

You can easily earn Shopee Coins with simple tasks like daily check-ins and participating in their plethora of in-app activities.

With as little as 100 Shopee Coins, you can redeem them for S $ 1 at nongovernmental organizations such as the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Needy Patients Fund, Lions Befrienders, Breast Cancer Foundation, and the World Wide Fund for Nature ( WWF).

4. Buy Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts shopee
Image Credit: Shopee

From now until December 25, you can purchase meaningful Christmas gifts from social service agencies on Shopee like SPD, Very Special Arts, and Touch Community Services, in partnership with the Northern Community Development Council. East.

They each sell handmade products, ranging from stationery like greeting cards and newspapers, to party foods like roast turkey and gingerbread cookies, as well as cushion covers and umbrellas. .

Every purchase with them helps them make sense of their goals, and your act of buying also gives them a sustainable livelihood.

Give for good this Christmas

As we bask in the holiday season, we also need to remember those who are disadvantaged and facing difficult times in this era of pandemic.

In light of the real Christmas giving season, go beyond giving gifts to loved ones by giving back to the community.

Some people are less fortunate than others and may not be able to receive Christmas presents this holiday season, so this may be your chance to spread some joy and put a smile on their faces.

Shopee also makes it easy for you to give back with just a few clicks, and this little act of kindness is sure to help touch the lives of those in need.

Plus, Shopee rewards you with gift vouchers for every donation you make.

Spread the Christmas cheer with Shopee by lending your support to help these charities maintain themselves with the financial support they need so that their good work for the communities they serve can continue.

Find out how you can do good this Christmas at Shopee here.

This article was written in collaboration with Shopee.

Featured Image Credit: Vulcan Post

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