Shopee hiring 71 roles for ShopeeFood in S’pore, Vietnam, Thailand

A few months ago, Shopee launched ShopeeFood in Indonesia and Malaysia, and it is very likely that its food delivery service will launch in Singapore soon.

As mentioned in our previous article, a conclusive clue that ShopeeFood could expand to Singapore is that it was hiring for a product management position.

According to his job description, Shopee said the new hire will have the opportunity to “propel the conceptual and technical development of ShopeeFood product ideas, improve data accuracy, and better position ShopeeFood as the delivery platform. favorite food in the area ”.

One of his key roles is to lead and design the roadmap for ShopeeFood products, effectively reviewing feedback and evolving needs of stakeholders to improve current product functionality, as well as offering new products. and ensure alignment with all stakeholders.

It was the one and only role availablefor ShopeeFood in Singapore.

shopeefood singapore
Screenshot of Shopee’s career page

However, a recent check on Shopee’s career page today revealed that she is hiring for another new position for ShopeeFood in Singapore: UI / UX Designer.

The UI / UX designer of the ShopeeFood team will help youdrive the end-to-end design process for ShopeeFood products.

He / she will lead the process of designing his / her e-commerce products (mobile and web) to serve the local market and help develop clear and efficient user interfaces to achieve product and business goals.

A total of 71 ShopeeFood positions are currently available within the company worldwide. Most of these are for ShopeeFood positions based in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in Vietnam, and Bangkok in Thailand.

As ShopeeFood increases its recruitments in these three cities, there’s a good chance Shopee has designated them as its next launch locations as well.

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