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Shopee has fully embraced the concept of having a massive online sale every month, normally when the day and month digits repeat themselves (similar to the next 4.4 sale). As a result, there is a plethora of promo codes for those looking to save a bit more. It’s not just about getting items for a lower price, affiliate marketers also take the opportunity to offer additional incentives such as additional cash back rewards.

So here are some codes that will give you a discount of 10 RM (with a minimum spend of 100 RM) this 4.4 on Shopee.

As always, we would appreciate it if you would use our affiliate link when you start shopping.
Credit / Debit Card IssuerCoded
Aeon CreditAEONCR44
Banking islamBI44
Public bankPBB44
Standard charterSCB44

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