She’s Not A Mum, But This S’porean Creates Lactation Cookies

Pregnancy and childbirth are undoubtedly a magical journey for many, but it also comes with stress and anxiety.

For example, although breastfeeding is considered extremely important, many new mothers might be unable to produce enough milk for their infants.

Inspired by her own mother, Gooberr founder Chin Rui Shan sought to make the post-pregnancy easier and more enjoyable with her line of lactation products, skin care and baby clothes.

A brand inspired by the love of mothers

gooberr products for mothers and babies
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Even though Gooberr’s products are primarily aimed at new mothers, the 30-year-old founder herself is not a mom.

However, she was inspired by the resilience and unconditional love of mothers and wanted to make their lives “a little easier, one product at a time”.

My biggest successes are when mothers send me a message telling me how much my products have helped them and their babies. It really helps me keep going even when times are tough.

Chin Rui Shan, founder of Gooberr

The founder graduated from New York University (NYU) with a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in accounting, and first began a career in finance.

After a few years as a portfolio manager, she decided to start Gooberr in 2019 with her own savings, as she wanted to do more for mothers.

Importance of food for the health of mothers and babies

Rui Shan shared in an interview with Vulcan Post that her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago and was unfortunately re-diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma last year.

After talking to many specialists, she realized how important food was in the fight against cancer.

This knowledge led her to think about how she could take care of mothers’ health and make a difference in it.

When moms devote all they have to raising their babies, they sometimes forget to take care of themselves. Gooberr is truly a brand inspired by the love mothers give and a way to give back.

Chin Rui Shan, founder of Gooberr

The NYU graduate also believes in “value-added products for mothers,” and this is how she offers products that also aim to address maternity issues and “make you feel better.”

No artificial flavors, all natural ingredients

Gooberr's Boob Juice Tea and Boobkies
Gooberr’s Boob Juice Tea and Boobkies / Image Credit: Goober

Gooberr launched with two flavors of Boobkies (lactation cookies) and Boob Juice Teas (lactation teas).

Lactation cookies promote healthy lactation within eight hours of consumption.

This is made possible because Boobkies are fortified with galactagogues (ingredients that stimulate breast milk) derived from natural foods such as brewer’s yeast, oats, and flax seeds.

According to Rui Shan, many lactation cookies are marketed heavily to new moms, even though they contain additives. What sets his Boobkies apart is the elimination of chemicals.

“When we say there are no unnecessary additives, we mean it,” said Rui Shan.

crazy goobkies lactation cookies
Strawberry White Chocolate Boobkies / Image Credit: Goober

She shared that there are many baked goods on the market that contain vanilla extract, which may seem harmless. Rather, extracts are made by soaking ingredients in chemicals, one of the chemicals being propylene glycol, which is also used as a car antifreeze.

Gooberr makes a point of shipping quality ingredients from the United States. Its bookmakers are also cooked at an SFA Grade A and FSSC certified facility in Singapore, which means they meet professional hygiene standards.

Rui Shan clarified that although Boobkies are known as lactation cookies, they can actually be considered superfood cookies suitable for everyone – people who are not supposed to produce milk will not suddenly start to milk. do it.

Broken even in a year

Since its inception, Goober has grown to offer more flavors and has also branched out into creating skin care products.

Like consumables, Gooberr’s skin care products are also free from chemicals such as steroids, parabens, artificial colors, and perfumes.

Gooberr is currently stored at DearCollective in Harbourfront, Naiise, Teapasar, Kindred Teas, and Doctor Anywhere.

However, Rui Shan’s professional journey has not been without challenges.

Due to Covid-19, retailers have had to close their stores and throw away their inventory at consignment stores, and Rui Shan has had to deal with a huge loss in sales from these avenues.

She also faced many issues with suppliers and was unable to secure key ingredients and packaging due to international logistics issues, resulting in further decline in sales.

Despite these challenges, the company managed to break even after about a year of operation – the founder had initially invested S $ 30,000 of her own savings into the business.

Rui Shan is currently working on two new cookie flavors that will have the Boobkies colored in shocking blue and pink, with natural coloring from superfoods like blue spirulina and pink pitaya.

“I never wanted to classify Gooberr as a pure lactation cookie brand and I hope I can continue to provide value added products to mothers,” said Rui Shan.

Featured Image Credit: Gooberr

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