Samsung S-Voice Server

Samsung S-Voice Server to Close on June 1

Samsung S-Voice Server: One of the oldest voice-activated assistant programs is about to shut down. Samsung will close its servers for the S-Voice system on June 1.

The S-Voice was formed not long after Apple introduced its Siri assistant. The S-Voice is one of the first competitors to have been released following the introduction of Siri.

Samsung S-Voice Server
Samsung S-Voice Server

Samsung S-Voice Server to Close on June 1

However, the S-Voice system has not been as recognizable as other voice assistants on other mobile devices. Many people who use older Samsung devices have flocked to other programs that offer the same solution. Also, it would not take long for Samsung to find a new alternative for what could work.

S-Voice was the main voice assistant that Samsung used for its mobile devices before 2017. The company introduced the Bixby system that year. All Samsung devices from the Galaxy S8 onward uses the Bixby system instead of S-Voice. Therefore, only older devices are going to be impacted by the shutdown.

What Models Are Impacted?

Among the models that will be impacted by the S-Voice shutdown include the Galaxy A3 to A9 phones, the Note FE and 2 to 5 models, and the Galaxy S3 to S6. The Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, and Tab S will all feel the effect of the closure.

The models are old ones that have not been sold in a while. These still have the S-Voice app on them. The most recent item that will be affected is the Galaxy Note FE that was released in the middle part of 2017.

Alternatives To Use

People who still use devices that will be impacted by the S-Voice app no longer working can download a different program. The Google Assistant app is the best option, as it works on all devices. Various other apps are available, so users can feel free to figure out what works for them. Most of these apps are available for free, although some companies also offer special versions with added features that might cost extra to purchase. Some programs may not work on older devices.

Future Voice Work

Samsung will continue to use its Bixby system for many of its devices and products. But Samsung has yet to release a dedicated smart speaker that would compete with the Google Home and Amazon Echo systems. Samsung had been hoping to release a Bixby speaker under the Galaxy Home name in 2018. But the plans to release the product never came to fruition. It is uncertain if Samsung will try to enter the field, especially since it is crowded with many well-established entities already providing projects.

The Bixby system still works on many other Samsung products. Bixby works on various phones, tablets, and smartwatches. It can also be found on smart TVs and even on some appliances, including refrigerators. Bixby has been the standard for Samsung, thus leaving S-Voice behind and making it less of a valuable option for support. S-Voice will not be released on any other devices in the future.

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