Samsung Galaxy A72 First Impressions Of Features & Look

Having used the Samsung Galaxy S20 for a while now, I had a little surprise taking the new A72 out of the box and seeing the size difference. Yes, the A72 has a 6.7 inch screen, only 0.1 inch smaller than that of the S21 Ultra. However, if you’ve used the A71 this is nothing new.

What is What’s new, however, is that Samsung ditched curved displays for the A-series this time around, just like it did for the S21 and S21 + released earlier this year (the S21 Ultra kept the curved edge). .

In a way, the flatter edge of the screen makes the screen appear much larger, which is good on the eyes. When using the A72, I was also less likely to have accidental touches on the screen.

The A72 has an FHD + Super AMOLED display, which was bright and vibrant. Interestingly, even more so than my S20, although both are set to Vivid and around the same brightness rocker. If I had to choose what looked best, I would easily go for the A72’s display.

The vibrant and bright screen of the A72.

Behind everything

We received the unit in pretty Awesome Violet, which almost looks like a powdery purple. It is not reflective, purely mat thanks to its plastic back. It looked good but certainly sounded cheap when tapped with your fingers.

I actually don’t mind the plastic back, as I don’t plan on dropping the phone from a height anytime soon and we would at least go for a clear case to protect the pretty back.

Thanks to the plastic, the phone’s weight is only 203g, although it is heavier than the S21 which weighs only 171g. I would say the weight makes it as sturdy as it gets with its plastic back, plus it’s not really a bit heavy anyway.

A rather minimalist look.

One of the most notable changes this time around was the camera body. It’s a seamless design with no crevices around it, perfectly molded to fit the quad camera setup. On the edges of the phone you have a shiny metallic strip all around.

I have to say that I also prefer the A72’s camera layout, which seems a lot more balanced than even the S21 Ultra’s, oddly enough. Of course, these are just cosmetic preferences.

Look through the lenses

The A72 has 64MP wide, 8MP telephoto, 12MP ultrawide and 5MP macro cameras. To my amateur eyes, the photos I took of random points from the same position didn’t look much different between what the S20 and A72 captured.

A subtle shot of the camera, thank goodness.

I can confidently say that the images on the A72 are still crisp and vibrant after the launch of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). Either way, I’ll be testing its cameras more properly in a full review soon, especially since it has the 30x space zoom that only came to the S-series last year as well.

What’s inside

Packed with a 5000mAh battery and capable of benefiting from 25W fast charging, the battery is no joke. From my brief testing with multiple apps running and the brightness almost halfway, I would rate the battery drainage as decent and not to be worrisome.

I haven’t tested it for gaming yet, and I’d also like to see how it would hold up with its Snapdragon 720G processor. In my occasional use, like watching videos and scrolling through social media, I haven’t noticed any heating issues on the A72 yet.

Well, am I impressed?

Based on my first impressions, I have to say yes. I’ve got my hands on a variety of Samsung phones, from Ultras to Notes, but this is my first time using an A-series.

Of course, I haven’t spent enough time to really know its flaws, but so far I can say I’m pretty happy. Although its price in Malaysia is still unknown, many estimate it to be around RM2.205 based on its price in Euros.

It seems reasonable to me. All the fancy numbers and feature names don’t mean much to me, so my judgment is purely based on my own experience. So far the A72 definitely impresses and I’m happy to see that it comes with some of the coolest features of the S20 series and even the S21 series.

They seem to be mostly quality of life improvements, but as they say, it’s the little things that matter in lifeā€¦ Or something like that.

Editor’s Note: We’ll update this article with Malaysia’s pricing and launch date once details are released.

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