[Review] Workcation experience at The Ritz-Carlton in Kuala Lumpur

I can’t lie – the WFH has lost its magic on me. Of course, I still love that I don’t have to waste time in traffic and can spend my gas and money on other things that I really love, like food.

But in return, I sacrificed the company and camaraderie of my colleagues. I miss them, and that’s why I didn’t hesitate to express my interest when my boss announced that she was opening her personal workstation to anyone who wanted to join.

We originally booked a 2 bedroom suite, but the Ritz-Carlton KL kindly upgraded our room to the 3 bedroom suite and planned a meal itinerary for the duration of our stay.

Warning: The accommodation was not sponsored by the hotel as we wanted it to be our little way to support the local hotel industry, but the upgrade was kindly offered to us at no additional cost. This operation took place long before the start of MCO 3.0 and the hotel staff had all the necessary SOPs in place for our safety.

Did you say what size exactly?

The suite we had to ourselves for 3 days was approximately 2,261 square feet, and each room was very spacious and allowed us to have our own beds.

Immediately, that was the first good sign. When working with your colleagues, you always want personal space and privacy.

Bedrooms are an important part of any group stay, but an equally crucial but often overlooked room type until someone really needs them is… the bathroom.

Lucky for us, we were spoiled your choice with 3 en-suite bathrooms and 2 independent toilets (still spacious) at our disposal to bless. It’s 5 people who can “go there” at once! The master bedroom had the largest bathroom, with a tub to help you relax in the evening.

The only bathroom with a bathtub and double sink

Outside the bedrooms, the kitchenette had a stove, full size refrigerator, oven, and a cabinet full of party glasses and other cutlery. Of course, utensils were also provided. Appliances aside, what was available was mostly dinner tools, not so much cooking, but the hotel front desk was ready to deliver all the pots and pans we needed.

Not a workstation without work

With all the space we had, there was no shortage of places to set up, but in terms of a suitable workstation, there was only one, in a separate area. There was a cove for your laptop or books, with outlets nearby and a desk chair.

Our video editor took that, and the rest of us worked at the dining table where we could have chats. Even on the upper floors (we were above the 30th floor), the WiFi speed and accessibility was quite stable. The entire suite is also soundproofed, which helped reduce outside distractions.

An example of very important and serious work that we carried out during our work

We ran into our first issue when we realized we hadn’t brought our own extension cord for more outlets to charge our devices while we were working.

The dining room we were in had 2 outlets nearby, but they weren’t enough. When we called the front desk to request an extension, unfortunately they had no more units available. So we just took turns charging our laptops.

Although we told them to let us know if there would be one for us during our stay, this request could not be met.

Workcations will be the new WFH

That alone was not enough to ruin our job, of course, as the rest of the service at the Ritz-Carlton KL was impeccable. We received several deliveries to the hotel including additional food, toiletries, pot, and extra glasses. The staff sent everything with smiles that never faltered.

It showed us that the hotel has the ribs to provide high quality service to guests there on vacation.

But the work crowd like us has slightly different needs, needs that the hotel should be better prepared to meet in the future. Besides having more extension cords, things like extra mice and mouse pads, USB adapters, or even WiFi adapters always come in handy because you just know someone is. leap forget one thing or another.

During the pandemic, the hospitality industry lost tourists and local customers, especially with travel restrictions in place. Locally we may not see a full return to normal life and travel for a few more years, and globally it may take even longer.

A crowd that would really like to get out of their house and find new workspaces would be the WFH crowd.

Let’s face it, WFH is no longer a benefit at this point for those of us who haven’t been doing anything other than this for over a year. Of course, that was a plus when we were in the office, and now it’s just the daily routine.

In that sense, we predict that workstations would become the new “WFH,” the new perk that young Gen Z employees would eventually hope to expect from companies if they started their careers during the pandemic.

This means that hospitality players must be prepared to respond to this specific target market (i.e. individuals or active businesses), even more than before.

Is the Ritz-Carlton KL prepared for this?

Ritz-Carlton Area General Manager Mahmoud Skaf told Vulcan Post they’ve already anticipated this shift in consumer behavior.

Marriott International (owner of The Ritz-Carlton hotel brand) had announced a new program at the end of 2020 allowing customers to work anywhere with Marriott Bonvoy.

“Marriott Bonvoy’s new Day Pass, Stay Pass and Play Pass packages were designed as flexible options, as customers seek a day trip from early morning until evening to change from their WFH environment to [an] extended night stay with early morning check-in and evening departure, or multi-day getaway for work and leisure, ”said Mahmoud.

These packages were created with the contribution of customers, hotel operations and partner companies.

Commenting on our experience with the extension cord request, Mahmoud said, “We are generally able to meet the requests for extension cords, a variety of cables for different devices and chargers, unfortunately it was a busy time for us at the time, hence the limited availability. “

However, he assured us that their team will be much better equipped for future requests of this nature.

It’s a necessary step if the Ritz-Carlton hopes to appease guests who come not only to relax, but also to be productive.

Despite being over two decades old, it’s trendy and has a collection of 16 meeting and conference spaces that can accommodate groups as small as 6 people for intimate discussions.

These rooms include flipcharts with markers, notepads, pens and are equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment with virtual capabilities, Mahmoud shared.

Let’s face it, a workstation at the Ritz-Carlton KL is as sophisticated as you can get nationally, and even so is an investment is not an experience that will be easily forgotten, we can attest to this.

After all, what are the benefits of the job if it doesn’t stand out from what you can do on a daily basis?

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