[Review] Testing Vivo X60 Pro’s Features, Camera & Performance

I’ve been using iPhones since I switched from Android almost 5 years ago, along with all of my family following. To give you an idea of ​​what kind of phone user I am, I’m just the average Gen Z who spends most of their screen time on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Netflix, and Spotify.

So for the most part, camera quality and a good user interface are my top priorities when choosing a phone. In this review, I tested the Vivo X60 Pro to see how it compares to Joe’s average expectations for smartphones today.

First impressions

Since using the iPhone XR, the full screen displays have really added to the scrolling and viewing experience, which I’m happy was also present in the X60 Pro.

However, unlike the phone I use, the X60 Pro has a dual display with curved edges, which I really felt added to the “fullness” of the screen, especially when watching Youtube or Netflix. Granted, this design isn’t particularly new to the market, but it was the first one I experienced.

Love the “fullness” of the double curved edge construction and colors

The phone itself was super slim and sleek, comfortable to hold, and not bulky. Its back is holographic and added a spatial and futuristic look to the phone in addition to its overall appeal.

You can’t deny the beauty of its matte holographic back, but looks aren’t everything

A hard, translucent case came with the phone, making it a nice and thoughtful addition. At least users won’t be scrambling to immediately find a case on their own or have to fork out extra cash to get one to protect the pretty back.

The X60 Pro also has a triple camera, a common thing we see with more smartphones these days. Like most of them, they are housed in a slightly domed slot from the back. By now, most of us may have accepted that this was just a limitation of our current technology in our offering of better cameras.

Let’s talk about camera and photos

You probably have an idea of ​​the difference between Android and iOS cameras from social media posts. Depending on your camera priority and preferences, this might be a deciding factor for some.

After testing it for a few days through selfies, landscapes, animals, and at night, etc., I found the color of the shots a bit too saturated and contrasting for my liking.

A little too saturated for my taste, but I find that it is a good quality of device despite everything

I prefer the warmer tones and natural shadows in my photos, which I find almost exclusively found in iPhones.

Wide, normal, and zoom in lens test, which in my opinion worked quite well

Additionally, I find that shooting videos for Instagram stories has a slower frame rate, which I generally noticed on Android phones, is not my preference either.

Nitpicky things aside, one of the things I was most waiting for was their AI Image Matting feature, which can basically detect the person or animal and change the background. I’ve always had to use third-party apps to do something like this, and not all of them can make photoshop as natural as possible.

This feature of the X60 Pro impressed me, as I didn’t have to readjust the shading for the person or animal I would like cropped and moved to a new background. It even managed to capture small details like my baby hair while cutting out as much of the original background as possible when transferring to the new background.

Smooth background change for myself, animals and an object

On top of that, you can even adjust the size of the person or animal and easily reposition them in the new background. I tried putting two cats in a new background and was pleasantly surprised that I could also change the size of these cats separately and reposition them individually in different parts of the background.

This is unlikely to be a breakthrough feature for users, but it’s a nice addition to making a phone feel more in touch with the popular interests of today’s users.

What I liked and what I didn’t like

As I mentioned earlier, scrolling through social media is probably the most time consuming on my phone, which I enjoyed a lot more on this phone than on my own XR.

While I didn’t have a problem with scrolling on my own phone, I felt it was a lot smoother on the X60 Pro and my social media feed seemed more HD than usual. As for the user interface, overall I didn’t find it too complicated or too difficult to navigate.

I didn’t think smoother scrolling could make my navigation much more enjoyable

One thing I noticed while using this phone was how quickly it heats up in a short period of time. Normally my iPhone heats up slightly after about an hour of social media use and within 20 minutes for gaming.

On the X60 Pro, however, I noticed that it only takes 10 minutes of normal social media browsing without any other apps running in the background to warm up, which can get quite uncomfortable. for hands.

Loading, on the other hand, was pretty quick. It took just under an hour for the phone to charge from 0 to 100%, which isn’t surprising, as fast charging is something Vivo is quite well known for.

The verdict

One thing I couldn’t test was the headphones that came with the box. They have an AUX socket and a USB-C adapter to connect the headphones to the phone.

After many tries, I still couldn’t listen to anything with them, unfortunately. The silicone buds fit into my ear and could at least be positioned comfortably.

Adjusting well to my ears, but unfortunately I couldn’t listen to anything with it

Personally, I think RM3 299 for the Vivo X60 Pro is a bit too high a price for me, as the current iPhone XR I own is only RM 2599, and it already meets my needs very well.

Yes, the X60 Pro has a few perks that my current phone doesn’t like a pretty holographic back, smoother scrolling, and even the AI ​​image matting feature, but I still feel like those are more. wants that a phone needs. Basic things like my preference for camera quality and the slower heating of the phone are my top priorities, which the Vivo X60 Pro just doesn’t satisfy.

AdvantagesThe inconvenients
AI image mat function is good for green screen replacementsOverly saturated and high contrast images
Slim to hold and stylish designWarms up unusually fast even with regular use
Smooth scrolling with good user interface
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