[REVIEW] Sudio Elva Wireless Earphones That Come With A Neckband

Many companies have made true wireless stereo headphones (TWS) in recent years, so it’s rare to see wireless headphones with a neck strap.

When the Sudio Elva came to meet me, I thought it looked outdated.

They are designed for the active lifestyle, so even if they fell out of your ears while jogging, you have the neck strap that prevents them from falling to the floor.

This has been helpful in my case, especially when I tuck my hair behind my ears.

The TWS headphones still fell to the floor from this movement, but with the neck strap they didn’t fall far and I could just pick them up and cram them into my ears.

The last time we saw a design like this was in Sudio’s Tre line 3 years ago.

It didn’t come with a neck strap, just a tangle-free wire to wrap around the neck and hold the two headphones together.

However, you’ll see me using Sudio Fem and Sudio Ett as a benchmark in this room as these were their last models this year and also what I had access to in terms of wireless headphones.

Lots to unpack

It comes in a compact box filled with:

  • Sudio Elva neck headphones
  • Sudio Flyg Bluetooth Flight Adapter
  • USB-A male to female adapter (for Sudio Elva)
  • USB-C to USB-A (for Sudio Flyg)
  • 5 additional pairs of eartips
  • Owner’s Guide for Sudio Elva
  • Owner’s Guide for Sudio Flyg
  • Warranty card and information

The Sudio Elva has an interesting way of charging. Its left earphone should be detached from its cable with the three button controller.

Therefore, it is impossible to use them while charging, but it’s not something I would usually do anyway.

To charge the device, you will need to detach the left earbud

Rated IPX5, it is splash, rain and sweat resistant, so it is suitable for workouts.

There are small magnetic rubber knots that secure the earphone cables together. It is adjustable along the length of its threads without tangle to make sure you have the flexibility to tie them together in different ways.

A control panel is placed on the left side with 3 buttons. The middle button turns the headphones on and off, pauses playback, and answers calls.

Double clicking will change the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) mode. Press and hold for 5 seconds while powering on to set up Bluetooth pairing.

Sudio Flyg comes with these headphones.

It is a device that allows you to plug into any headphone jack, be it on your phone, computer or TV to give it Bluetooth capabilities.

This allows you to pair not only the Sudio Elva, but all wireless headphones for them, which makes this bundle a great deal.

Sudio Flyg can turn any device into a Bluetooth enabled device

It has 2 bendable connectors for plugging into an in-flight entertainment system and a stereo jack to use for normal audio devices with a 3.5mm jack.

People are unlikely to use that much on flights given the current situation, so it might not be very useful to have it until travel becomes safe again. Not to mention that most devices these days already have Bluetooth functions.

I tested the stereo jack with my computer and it worked as it should. To pair it, I had to hold down the only button on the Sudio Flyg and place the Elva nearby.

How did they sound?

Magnets to make sure the headphones don’t hang loose

Based on my brief testing with Sudio Fem, it seemed to lack definition across the board.

Sudio Ett, however, had a more balanced balance between upper and lower tones.

Keep in mind that my taste for music is mostly pop and musicals. To my surprise, the Elva performed well for both.

You can choose between 2 modes, ANC-off and ANC-on. I used them in the office throughout the working day.

The noise cancellation may have muffled the sounds of my coworkers’ clicking mechanical keyboards, as well as the hum of the air conditioner.

Using the ANC-off mode the best way for me to describe how my music sounded was as if I was standing in front of a concert hall with the door closed.

It looked like Sudio Fem. Its highs were metallic and lacked definition. The bass sounded slightly better than the higher pitches.

Once I switched to ANC-on, the tables were reversed. The mid tones and highs sounded much fuller, better balanced, but the bass was getting “thin.”

Its overall volume got louder, making it look like I finally walked into the concert hall where the music was actually playing.

When it came to calls, I could hear the other person clearly, and was told that I looked clear, albeit a little muffled.


In terms of audio quality, Sudio Elva is a good pair of headphones for me. Especially with the ANC-on emphasizing the treble of the music I listen to frequently.

As far as comfort goes, once I changed the tips of the heads to size XS, they fit snugly and didn’t fall out of my ears even while jogging.

His neck has grown on me. Being someone who finds the in-ear headphones tiring to wear all day, I liked being able to wrap them around my neck when I didn’t want them in my ears.

The headphones come with a practical neck strap

Unfortunately the neck strap made it a problem to keep in my bag. I couldn’t just coil them up like a pair of regular wired headphones due to its stiffness.

For battery life, Sudio claims it has a quick 15-minute charge for an hour of listening.

With a full battery, it’s supposed to give you 11 hours of music playtime and 10 hours with ANC-on mode.

It’s worth noting that Elva can pair with multiple devices at once, just like I did with my laptop and phone.

When turned on, it will automatically connect to the most recently connected device.

However, to change devices, you must first disconnect Elva from the device you are currently using and repair with the next device you want to pair with.

When you buy a pair, you get free worldwide shipping as well as a 12-month international warranty.

BenefitsThe inconvenients
Neck strap with tangle-free cables for peace of mindHighs sound metallic without ANC, while bass sound “thin” with ANC-on
Comes with a bluetooth adapter for all wireless headphonesThe stiffness of the neck makes it difficult to store in bags
  • The Sudio Elva + Sudio Flyg headphones will launch on September 14, 2020 and will be priced at RM 599, according to a Sudio representative.
  • Each purchase of weed online on the official Sudio website will come with a free card holder.
  • For a 15% discount, enter the code WIRELESS15 at the register.

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