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As I listened to a Samsung lineup briefing for the 2021 Galaxy Unpacked, I was struck by many fancy terms and numbers that sounded impressive but foreign to my understanding.

One thing that got me excited was the voice detection feature in the Galaxy Buds Pro, as I haven’t tried a pair yet that had something like this.

Other than that though, I was generally interested in trying Buds Pro anyway, as I had tested Buds + and Buds Live before and found them enjoyable to use for the most part.

I wanted to see how much Samsung could improve their game.

First impressions

I got the Buds Pro in Phantom Violet, which isn’t the most eye-catching color, but stands out from the other two: Phantom Black and Phantom Silver.

The most striking color among the three available

The case is similar to that of the Buds Live, square with rounded edges, extremely compact and with a matte finish.

Inside, the two headphones are tucked away. The buds themselves have a matte plastic casing on the edge that lies flat against your ears and a glossy outer coating.

The Buds Pro are much rounder and bulkier than the Buds + (the Live Buds had an entirely different bean-shaped shape), which had winged ends.

Personally, I like the design of the Buds + a lot more, as they had more of an angled edge so you can grab them when you take them out or insert them.

Being shiny, smooth, and rounder, I have found it much more precarious to master the Buds Pro, which doesn’t bode well for my clumsy self when using them in public.

Shiny, round, smooth and more voluminous

When it comes to their fit, you get 3 slightly different tip sizes, which should be enough for you to find the right match. Overall, the comfort for these was average.

I felt like they weren’t sitting enough inside my ear canal, but moving around normally didn’t get them out.

Impressive audio quality

Compared to Buds + and Buds Live, Buds Pro wins hands down in audio. My biggest complaint for the Buds + was that its sound was muffled, like I was listening to music under a blanket.

On the other hand, the Buds Live, with its lack of waterproof silicone mouthpiece, simply let in too much sound for my liking and had a less than comfortable fit. While this was an improvement in terms of treble quality, its bass quality sounded monotonous and muddy.

The Buds Pro loses a bit of comfort for me (Buds + wins), but I would say it overcomes the two audio shortcomings of its predecessors.

Sorry to say that, but these are big headphones, heh

Everything was clear, the quality of bass and treble sounded * chef’s kiss * and I had nice music sessions with them.

So you remember the Voice Detect feature I mentioned earlier? Well, it works, but I find it hard to control because it’s automatic.

The way it works is that whenever you start talking to someone, your sound automatically decreases and the ANC switches to ambient mode so you can hear the other person.

Once you stop talking, it turns off and your sound returns to normal. When it’s just someone talking to you without you speaking, it won’t activate, because it depends on your voice.

Sounds good in theory… But if you like to hum your music, you will probably find this feature boring. It will think that you are trying to speak and activate voice detection. Quite breathtaking when you are jamming your favorite tracks.

Fortunately, this is a feature that you can turn off with the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app, which is Unfortunately only available on Android phones.

Buds + and Buds Live controls could be changed with the Samsung Galaxy Buds app on iOS, but as the app was last updated 3 months ago, it’s safe to say it didn’t. is not yet compatible with Buds Pro.


Samsung says Buds Pro users can get around 5 hours of battery life with ANC before charging through the case, and I’ve found it to last a little longer than that.

In terms of mic quality, the only comment I got from the receivers on the other end of the call was that I had a clear but twangy sound.

At RM799, it offers pretty big upgrades from the Buds + and Buds Live (both RM599), which to me is well worth it, especially if you use Android devices.

AdvantagesThe inconvenients
Improved audio quality in terms of treble and bassVoice detection activates even when you’re humming or talking to yourself
Voice detection facilitates quick conversationsSlightly odd fit in the ear, which may become uncomfortable after a while
Retains the compact design of the Buds Live enclosureThe headphones are rounder and bulkier, making them difficult to hold
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