[Review] Pocket Angel Personal Safety Alarm For Women’s Self-Protection

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I admit I am paranoid about my personal safety. Walking alone in public on my phone or listening to music is a huge no-no, and locking my car doors as I get in the car is second nature at this point.

These are just a few examples of what I do alone in public, and I’m sure many women in Malaysia do the same.

How not to do it, when cases of sexual harassment have increased since 2013? Keep in mind that these are just reported cases given by PDRM, so we don’t know the full picture.

“Being a woman, alone and unprepared – the combination of these 3 things is what my mom always calls the recipe for danger,” said Serene Ho, Pocket Angel brand manager at Vulcan Post.

As a teenager, she did not understand it at the time. It wasn’t until she moved to KL for an internship that she heard horrific personal stories of robberies and assaults from female peers.

She started to feel anxious about walking to train stations and parking lots on her own, especially while holding her purse. “My mom’s years of warning advice have finally struck home – I am responsible for my own safety.”

So, in her quest for ways to protect women, Serene came up with the idea for Pocket Angel, a personal security alarm for women, and of course she sent one to her mother.

Compact and convenient to use

To describe the Pocket Angel device, it is oblong and slightly larger than a USB drive.

It has a bright strobe light and an alarm that reaches 130dB which are activated by pulling on its tab to alert others around you of the danger you find yourself in. To deactivate it, simply push back the tab.

“The last thing a forward wants is attention. And with Pocket Angel, he does exactly what an attacker would be afraid of: attracting attention, ”summed up the Pocket Angel team.

Being so compact, it can be hung on your bag, phone, purse or anything else with straps for easy and quick access in an instant. The team has also taken its appearance into account, making it available in 5 different colors that stand out as an accessory on whatever you hang it on.

Its batteries can last 3-5 years (the team hopes you never have to use it frequently, after all), and no recharging is necessary.

I like the battery feature because I don’t trust myself to remember to recharge it every time the juice runs out. When the batteries finally run out, the team at Pocket Angel has prepared a guide to replacing them.

Pocket Angel was designed to be simple and intuitively easy to use so that everyone from children to the elderly can use them. Also, in an emergency or panic, defending yourself with a complicated tool is not ideal.

In addition to buying a single Pocket Angel at RM49, 2 packs are offered so that you can also protect your family and friends:

  • 3 Pocket Angel devices at RM109
  • 5 Pocket Angel devices at RM159

For packs, you can mix and match colors at no additional cost, and shipping is free for orders over RM90.

Vulcan Post readers can get a 10% discount (capped at RM30) for their purchases using the code VULCANPOSTXPA valid until March 19, 2021.

Empowering women: start by being equipped

So I tried Pocket Angel myself, and let me tell you – it’s noisy. On the other hand, the bright strobe light isn’t much of a problem as it’s supposed to face the user anyway.

Based on a quick Google search, I was told that a volume of 130dB is equivalent to a firecracker takeoff or a military jet plane. This sound reaches up to 180 m or 600 feet away.

Warning: The volume of the Pocket Angel in the video below is not representative of its actual volume due to video compression. For those who have epilepsy, be warned that there are bright flashing lights in the video.

I then had to find out if using Pocket Angel might pose a risk to the user’s own hearing, and the team addressed my concerns.

“It is certainly possible and we don’t want anyone to run the risk of affecting their hearing. However, we are also aware that the sound level is essential to attract the attention of the environment, ”the team said.

The Pocket Angel Team / Image Credit: Pocket Angel

“Hearing loss only occurs when the ears are directly exposed to loud sound for an extended period of time (usually about 15 minutes). With that said, we hope you don’t need to use Pocket Angel that often! “

While it may be a simple device for some, in my eyes it’s something that gives me the confidence to go out on my own with more control over my personal safety (although that of course doesn’t mean that I don’t. ignore my environment).

It allows me not to be completely dependent on someone else and I am not vulnerable. At the very least, I have something to make a sound loud enough to grab attention as a form of defense.

– // –

This device is just the start for the team. They see it as a personal safety tool to maximize the safety and protection of women, but what is just as important is to equip women with the knowledge of self-defense when faced with danger.

In their attempt to promote personal safety and the empowerment of women that comes with it, the team is keen to work with relevant organizations to educate the public.

For now, they are still in the planning stages of these campaigns, but they have said they will have something on their social media in March for International Women’s Day.

As for the device itself, they said they will be launching new skins soon with the indication: “They are going to be colored!”.

  • You can read more about Pocket Angel here or follow their Instagram for updates here. use VULCANPOSTXPA for a 10% reduction on devices (capped at RM30, valid until March 19, 2021).
  • If your organization would like to collaborate with the Pocket Angel team around the themes of women’s empowerment, you can join them. here.

Featured Image Credit: Vulcan Post

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