[REVIEW] A Gamer’s Thoughts Of The Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G

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Now that most of the KL and Selangor offices are at MCO, we will all have to stay home again to work, play and for some, exercise at home.

But I’ve found myself running out of new games lately, and the urge to try a new game has gotten a little overwhelming.

Lucky for me, I was given a unit of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G to review, so I thought to review the phone from the perspective of a mobile gamer.

Coincidentally, Genshin Impact just launched not too long ago, and from the reviews I’ve seen, it had Zelda: Breath of The Wild-like gameplay. So I was really intrigued.

Exynos VS Snapdragon

One of the most discussed aspects of the phone, the Galaxy Note20 5G comes equipped with an Exynos 990 processor. Yes, it is different from the Snapdragon 865+ variant that the US or Korea received, and that is still a powerful processor.

According to popular benchmarking software Antutu, the Snapdragon variant only offers a 6% increase in processor performance.

I tested it on my own and you can see the benchmarks I hit below.

Some of the benchmarks I managed to get over the phone

Using the phone as my daily driver I ran into 0 problems when it comes to playing games or surfing the net. The Samsung One UI is still one of my favorite Android UIs apart from the Pixel UI. So far, I haven’t encountered any lag when switching between games to respond to messages.

It’s still a zippy phone.

The display is still beautiful

One thing to note for gamers: The Galaxy Note20 5G only ships with a refresh rate of 60Hz. However, that doesn’t mean it’s unusable.

The phone still comes with a gorgeous 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus with HDR10 + display. Color reproduction is always perfect. Personally, I’m a little biased when it comes to Samsung colors, so there’s that.

Binging on my favorite shows on YouTube and Netflix wasn’t a problem, even under the bright sun as the screen gets quite bright, although not as bright as the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G.

Unlike the Ultra, the Galaxy Note20 5G comes with a flat screen, which is great because I didn’t like using a phone with curved edges.

And if you’re a mobile gamer, the curved edges tend to get in the way and can cause false clicks, so a flat screen is a plus for me.

In terms of gaming, I tested the phone with Genshin Impact at just 30 frames per second and it held up pretty well with no hiccups. I tried the 60FPS version of the game and it worked without a problem.

Sufficient autonomy

The phone comes with a 4300mAh battery that should last you a day or more, but if you are a heavy mobile gamer the phone will need to be recharged every now and then.

To test the battery, I left the phone on about 88% on before going to bed with the masketeers running. By the time I woke up the battery was at 43% and the screen had been on for about 7 hours.

So if you let your idle game continue to run overnight on the screen, you will have enough juice left to keep it running for at least half a day.

I went to bed at 10:16 pm with almost full battery, woke up with 43% after leaving the game on standby

You don’t have to be a player

Unlike most gaming phones, if you go for this phone, you not only get a good mobile phone to play with, you will also get the S Pen which can be useful in many cases as well.

I recently moved to another room to see if I could sleep better and see if I could set up my desk in the room. I could take a picture in Panorama, then write a plan for the room and check if there’s a better way to fit my table.

If needed, the S Pen can also be used for taking notes and using the Samsung Notes app you can even straighten writing if you have cakar ayam (bad writing) like me.

The camera is not left out either. Granted, I have to say that the camera notch is slightly raised, but it is still usable on the table without issues. I managed to take sample shots even during the MCO to show the capabilities of the camera.

– // –

My experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G has been enjoyable and I think this phone will always grab attention, especially for those who love the S Pen but don’t want a big phone like the Ultra variant.

It’s a good everyday driver, and I personally like the feel of the back of the phone, it has a much better grip compared to metal and glass counterparts.

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