Reports of Allergic Reactions to Moderna Vaccine

January 21, 2021 – California’s leading epidemiologist said Wednesday evening that the Moderna vaccine suspected of causing a series of allergic reactions could be given again after a review found no reason to stop its use.

Erica Pan, MD, said the state temporarily suspended the use of a batch of Moderna vaccine after reporting that some employees at a San Diego vaccination center needed medical attention after being vaccinated, Moderna said in a statement.

Moderna acknowledges having received a report from the California Department of Public Health that several people at a vaccination center in San Diego were treated for possible allergic reactions after vaccination with a batch of COVID-19 vaccine. Moderna, ”the company said.

Moderna said on Tuesday that he was cooperating with the CDPH in the investigation and was not aware of “comparable clusters of adverse events” from other vaccination centers using the vaccine in this batch.

Pan recommended that suppliers temporarily stop administering the Moderna vaccine from batch # 041L20A until the state, CDC, FDA, and Moderna can investigate what happened.

Now, she says, that many doses can be used.

“Yesterday, we convened the Western States Scientific Safety Review Task Force and other allergy and immunology specialists to review the evidence gathered,” Pan said in a statement. “We have had further discussions with the San Diego County Department of Public Health, FDA, CDC, and the manufacturer, and have found no scientific basis to continue the break. Providers who have stopped receiving Moderna Lot 41L20A vaccine can resume immediately. “

Pan said less than 10 people needed medical attention for a 24-hour period after receiving the vaccine from this batch at a community site. KTGV-TV reported that six healthcare workers had allergic reactions to vaccines at the Petco Park vaccination center on January 14.

The CDPH said about 330,000 doses of this batch went to 287 vendors across the state after it was shipped Jan. 5-12. No other allergic reactions have been reported, the CDPH said. More than 307,000 doses remain in stock.

Moderna said the lot contained 1,272,200 doses and that approximately 1 million doses had been distributed to 1,700 vaccination sites in 37 states. The company said it didn’t know how many doses of the batch were given to people.

Moderna and Pfizer / BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccines are the only ones currently being administered in the United States.

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