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Not to be confused with sweet coconut macaroons, French macaroons (pronounced mah-kah-ROHN) are light, airy and delicate meringue sandwich cookies baked in an endless array of flavors and toppings. The basic ingredients for macaroon shells are simple: egg whites, powdered sugar, sugar, and almond flour.

But, as beautiful as they are to look at, French macarons can be a bit tricky to master. Their airy and delicate texture is accompanied by a little finesse of cooking and you must make a “macaronage” for a perfect cookie shell. “Macaronage” is a baking term referring to the folding of the dry ingredients of the macaroon with the hard-whipped egg whites. You’ve got the perfect texture when the macarons bake with shiny rounded tops and a crumpled bottom frill called a “foot”. Cookies that bake flat or with cracks indicate that the macaroon batter was too much or under-mixed.

If you want to become an expert macaroon baker, watch this video and learn the best tips and tricks in the business!

Portions: 24 finished sandwich cookies
To note: Try to weigh your baking ingredients like a real pastry chef for the best results.

3 egg whites
¼ cup of white sugar (50 g)
2 cups of icing sugar (200 g)
1 cup of almond flour (120 g)
pinch of salt
¼ teaspoon cream of tartar (2 ml)

1/4 cup salted butter (120 g)
3/4 cup powdered sugar (75 g)
1 cup (150 g) fresh raspberries, strained to extract 3 tbsp. Juice

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