Razer’s Under IMDA Scrutiny For A Data Leak That Exposed 100K+ Users

In August, security researcher Volodymyr Diachenko discovered a data leak from gaming giant Razer.

The result of an improperly configured server, the data breach was estimated at around 100,000 users, based on the number of email addresses exposed.

Their user data has been publicly exposed and indexed by public search engines.

The leak revealed customer order records, including information such as their full names, internal IDs, emails, billing and shipping addresses, phone numbers, order numbers and order details.

Razer fixed the data leak on September 9 and no sensitive data, such as credit card numbers or passwords, was exposed, the company confirmed on Friday September 11 last week.

In an official statement, Razer apologized for this mistake. “We… have taken all necessary steps to resolve the issue and conduct a thorough review of our IT security and systems. “

Volodymyr had reported the leak to Razer, but he said his message was processed for more than three weeks until the data was protected from public access.

Diachenko said that leaked customer records can be used to launch targeted phishing attacks and can put customers at risk of fraud.

A spokesperson for Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Commission said on Tuesday that the data breach was under investigation.

Razer is currently selected for a digital banking license in Singapore, which will allow users to transact seamlessly on Razer Pay and other financial applications. The data breach can damage its reputation.

Last Thursday, Grab was fined S $ 10,000 for failing to secure the personal information of its drivers and passengers on its mobile app, the fourth time in two years the superapp has broken data protection laws .

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