Quibi May Be Available To Stream On Television Sets Soon

Quibi was launched recently as a streaming service that provides “quick bites” of content to people on their mobile devices. The service includes shows of all sorts in episodes or chapters lasting less than ten minutes each.

But unlike other streaming services, Quibi does not work on television sets. It can only work on tablets and smartphones.

There is a chance that Quibi will be streaming on television sets in the future, but not through a dedicated app. Quibi CEO Meg Whitman said on the CNBC television network that Quibi is working on a feature that will allow people to cast the Quibi content on their mobile devices to their television sets. The feature would allow multiple people to watch the content, not to mention it would be on a larger screen.

Quibi May Be Available To Stream On Television Sets Soon

Whitman said that the development team at Quibi had always planned on releasing a feature for the service that allows people to cast content on larger screens. Whitman did not plan on making this a part of the initial launch.

The technical limitations surrounding Quibi may have harmed its initial rollout. While Quibi is offering a 90-day free trial for people in the United States and Canada, Quibi only got about 300,000 live downloads during its first day of operation. The total is about seven percent of what Disney Plus when it first released.


What About a Dedicated App?

One point about Whitman’s statement is that she did not say anything about there being a dedicated app that can work on a television set. That is, a user will not be able to load a Quibi app on a Roku, Chromecast, or Fire device linked to a screen. The user would have to manually use a separate feature on a mobile device to link the Quibi content to a larger screen.

Whitman did not say anything about producing such an app, and it is unknown if Quibi will have one in the future. Having an app that allows people to watch Quibi without a mobile device may defeat the general purpose of the service, thus making the concept unlikely. The point may change depending on how well Quibi does in the future.

The Future of Quibi

Quibi is planning an assortment of content over the next few months. The service is hoping to have more than a hundred different shows in its first year. These include various comedy, drama, and docu-series programs. There are also Daily Essentials programs with news and information from groups like ESPN, NBC News, BBC News, Telemundo, the Weather Channel, and CTV and TSN for Canadian users.

Various programs have already been announced for future release on Quibi. These include a reboot of the classic television series the Fugitive, a return of the comedy series Reno 911, and a Steven Spielberg-produced horror series that will only be available to watch between local sunset and sunrise times. Justin Timberlake, Ice Cube, Dexter Fletcher, and Scooter Braun all have plans to release programs on Quibi in the future.

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