Promos & freebies from brands for M’sians who got the COVID-19 vaccine

Since the release of the AstraZeneca (AZ) COVID-19 vaccine opt-in program, Malaysians have become not only aware, but more eager to be vaccinated. In less than an hour, 956,609 AZ slots were filled by Malaysians in the second phase of the registration period on May 26, 2021.

This shows that Malaysians are stepping up and playing our part to secure collective immunity whenever the opportunity arises. Companies that have struggled throughout the pandemic are also taking this time to show their gratitude to those who get vaccinated.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of brands that offer freebies and promotions to those who have been vaccinated or have signed up. Note that all of the offers below are limited to 1 claim per person and are offered to those who received the first or full dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

This list has been organized from the most recent to the oldest offers that we could find.


To encourage Malaysians to get vaccinated, myBurgerLab (mBL) has launched its own “I am vaccinated” campaign on its myBurgerLab + app. If you have been vaccinated with at least a first dose, you can get a brand voucher. At this time, this offer can only be redeemed when ordering in-store for take out.

The agreement: Vaccinated Malaysians will receive a RM10 mBL voucher through their app which you can download from Google Play or the App Store.

How to use: Once you have downloaded the app and registered to create an account, download an overview of your MySejahtera vaccine details, and a voucher will be provided in the app.

Validity: The deal is live on the myBurgerLab + app now and valid until further notice, according to a press release.

Promos freebies from brands for Msians who got the
How to get your voucher on the app / Image Credit: myBurgerLab

Bean Jr.

Grateful to those who have done their part to help the nation achieve herd immunity, Bean Jr. is offering a free bowl of his dessert to those who have been vaccinated. As dinners are not allowed during MCO, this offer is only valid for take-out.

The agreement: You can claim a free bowl of Tau Fu Fah when you prove your vaccination status at their outlets.

How to use: To claim, you must first show your vaccination status on MySejahtera to their service team and join the Bean Jr. membership program.

Validity: As of June 1, 2021 and has no expiration date as stated in their post.

Zig Zach KL

Zig Zach KL is a hair salon located in Bandar Utama that offers a discount to people who have been vaccinated. His team told us that this offer would only be for their service and hair discoloration treatments.

The agreement: 20% off your total bill for Malaysians who have been vaccinated. To be eligible for this offer, you must spend a minimum of RM350 on their services.

How to use: Show them your vaccination card or MySejahtera vaccination status.

Validity: This offer is valid until July 31, 2021.


The famous brand of frozen yogurt offers a special discount if you have been vaccinated and buy their products in store. Llaollao also clarified that the promotion is offered as long as you have received your first dose of the vaccine.

The agreement: 15% off your invoice when you buy their items in store.

How to use: Show your vaccination status on MySejahtera.

Validity: From May 26 to August 31, 2021.


If you were ever an SS15 student like me, you would be aware of the brand of salted egg yolk butter chicken, JIBRIL, behind a hidden door. To support those who are vaccinated, the brand is distributing a plate of its best-selling dish for free, valid only for take-out.

The agreement: 1 free salted egg butter chicken. Also available at their sister brand, MONA by JIBRIL.

How to use: Show proof of your vaccination via MySejahtera or a vaccination card.

Validity: N / A.

Don’t yell at me

With 6 branches around KL and PJ, you can head to the nearest Don’t Yell At Me store to claim your free refreshing cup of tea if you’ve been vaccinated.

The offer: 1 free Wintermelon chrysanthemum drink for those who have been vaccinated.

How to use: Flash your MySejahtera application or your vaccination card in one of their 6 points of sale around KL and PJ.

Validity: They only dispense 10,000 cups in total on a first come, first served basis.

Fresh mex churittos

Churittos Fresh Mex offers a free meal as long as you have been vaccinated. You can claim this offer from their Publika and SS15 branches.

The agreement: They offer a free meal consisting of their meal of mojito and soft tacos for the vaccinated.

How to use: Show them your vaccination card or your status on MySejahtera to claim your meal.

Validity: The agreement is valid until further notice, according to its terms and conditions.

Note that you should not consume alcohol or smoke within 48 hours of your vaccination, so it is best to only claim this offer when you have fully recovered from any side effects.

Wizards in Tribeca

Wizards at Tribeca wants to show their support for the COVID-19 vaccination program by offering a buy 1, 1 free offer when you buy a coffee from them. This offer is only available for take-out.

The agreement: Purchase 1 item at its regular retail price and receive a second free item of equal or lesser value.

How to use: Redeem this offer by showing them your vaccine card or status on MySejahtera.

Validity: The offer ends this Sunday, May 30, 2021.

Bo the avocado

Another freebie you can claim if you’re vaccinated is from Bo The Avocado who hands out his avocado smoothies. However, this offer is limited to 10 cups per day, per point of sale at TTDI and Wisma Central, KL. It will also be distributed on a first come, first served basis for walk-in customers only.

The agreement: Get a free avocado drink after getting vaccinated.

How to use: To claim, you must:

  • Share their message on your Insta Stories, tag @ bo.the.avocado with the hashtag, #LindungDiriLindungSemua.
  • Then DM them your vaccination certificate.
  • Your email or Instagram ID will be noted by their team as a verification point.

Validity: From May 24 to September 30, 2021.


Soyya is offering a free drink to those who have been vaccinated at one of their outlets at Gardens Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Velocity, and Berjaya Times Square. This offer is also valid for take-out meals only.

The agreement: Get a free cup of fresh, pure soy milk at any of their outlets.

How to use: You know the exercise, flash your vaccine card or your MySejahtera status.

Validity: Offer valid within 10 days of your vaccination day. The global deadline is not indicated.

Peekaboo coffee

Peekaboo Cafe would like to thank those who have been vaccinated by offering a free slice of cheesecake.

The agreement: Claim your free slice of cheesecake at their KL store.

How to use: Just show them your MySejahtera vaccination status to claim it.

Validity: N / A.

Of course, there are many who have gone to great lengths to get vaccinated, but luck was not on their side and they barely passed their state choice when signing up for AZ.

But don’t worry, as long as you can show you’ve signed up for a COVID-19 vaccine, there are still offers for you, too.

Sunway pyramid

To show support for the national immunization program, Sunway Pyramid is distributing hand sanitizers to those who have registered for the COVID-19 vaccine. You can redeem this free ticket at the Main Concierge, located on the ground floor.

The agreement: The mall gives out a free 50ml bottle of Lifebuoy hand sanitizer if you’ve signed up for the vaccine.

How to use: Flash your vaccine recording in the MySejahtera app.

Validity: While stocks last, from March 22 to March 31, 2021.

Jobbie Nut Butter

Jobbie Nut Butter is offering discounts to those who have signed up for the COVID-19 vaccine. This offer is only applicable for purchases of peanut butters or gift boxes on their website, and the maximum amount you can use per order is RM50.

They only grant a total of 6,806 trades during their campaign period on a first come, first served basis. This specific number was chosen because it was the highest number of COVID-19 cases the country has recorded at the time of its promotion announcement on May 20, 2021.

The agreement: Those who have signed up can take advantage of a 50% discount on the brand’s peanut butter.

How to use: Log in or create an account here, and attach a screenshot of your profile page and vaccine record from the MySejahtera app.

Validity: Only 6,806 offers are available on a first come, first served basis during the campaign period which runs from May 21 to June 20, 2021.

1 Utama

1 Utama is offering ONECARD membership (worth 30 RM) to those who have signed up for the COVID-19 vaccine. It is basically a loyalty program that allows you to collect points when shopping at partner stores, which can be converted into parking credit.

The agreement: Get a free ONECARD subscription valid for 5 years.

How to use: Flash your MySejahtera registration status, present your MyKad and complete the ONECARD application form at the mall’s customer service centers. View the full terms and conditions here.

Validity: From May 17 to June 7, 2021.

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