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When it comes to home massagers, there are plenty of options, from simple stand-alone portable types to the premium leather luxury range. The RM29 988 ITSU Sensei Inspire massage chair clearly falls into the latter category.

Behind the brand is ITSU World Sdn Bhd, a company founded in 2018 by a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the massage chair industry. Their specialty lies in the fusion of traditional massage techniques with technology, and this can be seen when we explore their characteristics below.

Meeting with our friendly ITSU guide

We have to admit that trying to operate the chair ourselves with just a manual was a challenge. The chair has an impressive number of massage modes, and it was intimidating.

Our ITSU representative, Ivan patiently explaining the characteristics of the chair to a very distraught self

We later learned that it was part of Itsu’s service to send a representative if customers had questions about the product. So Ivan (the representative assigned to us) made an appointment to visit us at our convenience.

He explained in detail how to properly use and enjoy all the functionality of the chair, and answered all of our questions. Thanks to her in-depth (and patient) advice, in just under an hour, we’re pretty sure we know enough about the chair to sell it ourselves!

Spoiled for choice

Here is an overview of the ITSU Sensei Inspire massage programs. Basically, you can choose from 4 main modes first: Auto, Manual, Signature, Itsu Sensei.

Auto: 41 pre-programmed massages classified into 6 sections (Unique 1, Unique 2, Groups, Region, Light, Extra).

Example: The “Unique 1” section offers programs for neck, lower back, circulation, relaxation, Genki (a Japanese term for health, stamina or energy), and more. The “ Region ” section offers regional massages such as Thai, Chinese, Balinese, etc.

Manual: 4 massage movements with 8 speed settings for each. The movements are Knead, Tap, Clap and Roll. Some of these movements can be used simultaneously.

Example: Knead and Tap can be used simultaneously on your body, but Tap and Clap are two different movements that cannot be combined.

Signature: 4 pre-programmed massages targeting either your muscles, your joints, your acupuncture points or your body’s meridians.

Itsu Sensei: Massages classified according to body regions: neck, shoulder, back, waist, buttock. Each region has 9 massage modes specially designed to take care of the muscles in that area.

I consider myself quite fragile, I cannot stand massages that are too firm. Fortunately, ITSU considered this as well.

Massage advice: Programs 7, 8, and 9 of all massages based in the Itsu Sensei area are labeled as light massages (it has a feather icon). There is a dedicated Light section in Auto mode as well as 5 program selections.

The shoulder air pressure cushions are adjustable in 3 width options so you can make it narrower if you are smaller in size

These were my favorites, as I could still feel my muscles and tissue massaged thoroughly without much of the pain that would usually accompany the experience.

You are in the driver’s seat

Besides the selection of massage programs, you get enough control to customize some additional features, target zones, positioning, 4D strength and air pressure intensity.

In manual mode, after selecting your massage movement, instead of the default “whole body”, you can choose to focus on specific points (neck, shoulders, back, waist, buttocks). If you prefer to move the rollers to the desired position yourself, you can do that as well.

Manually adjust the chair to the desired tilt level or choose from 6 preset positions

You can also adjust the chair posture from the upright position to the zero gravity recline position, which is a neutral body posture developed by NASA. There are also 3 slow swing modes that will gently rock the chair back and forth to relax you.

The chair is a full 4D variant, which means its internal rollers can move up, down, left, right, front and back on an L-rail that follows your spine up to your buttocks. The rollers are capable of moving 360 degrees and have 12 levels of intensity.

The Extra screen offers several options from which you can choose to add to your manual massage

In the Extra section of the home screen, you can select add-ons for manual massage such as air (using 68 airbags), heat and roller.

The air pressure add-on has 4 options for pace and pace for each target zone. The intensity is also customizable.

This is the status screen you see during a massage, and you can always adjust the options as you like

By now you are probably counting in your head how many weeks it would take you to really explore the functions of this chair to find your favorite. We get it, which is why ITSU already has a customized solution in the form of a smart laptop.

Use AI to understand your needs

The chair is best paired with the ITSU Smart Band, a personal fitness tracker that monitors and records your activity and health data to recommend 1-4 personalized massage programs that will meet your needs.

The Sensei Inspire is the only model from ITSU that has this extra gadget that works in tandem with the chair.

For example, if the fitness tracker data detected that you did a very intense exercise with a high heart rate and high movements the day before, the ITSU World app may recommend a massage program designed to relieve sore muscles.

Or, if you had trouble sleeping the night before and the sleep tracker registered poor quality or a few hours of sleep, the ITSU World app might suggest one of their more relaxing massages.

Screenshot of recommended massages on the ITSU World app

You can also directly control the chair via the ITSU World app on your phone if you don’t want to switch the screen.

Ideally, you should wear the tracker for at least 3 full days to collect data and get better recommendations. It also works as a regular fitness tracker that records your steps, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation level and more on the FlagFit app.

Why not charge your phone wirelessly to also play corresponding music with bluetooth function?

Even before the selected massage begins, the chair performs a body scan and analysis to adapt to your curves, mainly from your neck to your buttocks.

It is also able to adjust quite precisely to your height, which means that whether you are on the larger or smaller side, this chair will find a way to make you feel comfortable. In terms of weight, the chair can support a person weighing up to 120 kg. This means that the chair can be comfortably shared by several members of your family. The chair interface language can be changed between 4 options: Chinese, English, Malay and Japanese.

Inspired by sports cars

Notice how the chair monitor screen looks like a car dashboard? When you turn it on, bluetooth speakers will play car sound on; when you turn it off, there is a beep like a locked car.

Aesthetically, the chair was inspired by the Bugatti sports car, with a variety of matching colors.

Besides looking elegant, Ivan told us it represents the speed and smoothness of the roller gears from one movement to the next. For example, when you change the direction, position or massage movement of the roller balls, the shift is without lag or pause.

Like any sports car, safety is fundamental. As this chair would be placed at home, you may have children or pets running around.

To avoid unfortunate incidents, it has a pressure plate platform on the base. The moment someone triggers the pressure plate, all movement of the chair will stop immediately. It will only continue to move if the pressure is released.

The pressure plate that will trigger the chair to stop moving if it detects weight

Sports cars are known for their skinny size, and while the ITSU Sensei Inspire isn’t exactly small, it’s designed with wall space efficiency in mind.

In each position the chair moves in, it will move the entire seat forward before reclining. This means that you can place the chair closer to a wall without leaving so much space and space behind it.

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ITSU Sensei Inspire is currently on promo for RM18,742 from RM29,988 as part of the Double Festival, Twice The Happiness campaign. Customers can opt for a Interest-free payment plan for up to 36 months with an HSBC or Public Bank credit card. Your purchase is also accompanied by a double warranty (extended), which means 4 years instead of 2.

The chair is the top of its range and the price matches that. Ultimately, if you are the target market for the ITSU Sensei Inspire, you will understand its value.

Those who want a closer look at the chairs can attend their roadshow at Sunway Velocity (in front of Rakuzen) from April 14th to 25th.

  • You can learn more about the ITSU Sensei Inspire here.

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