Porsche And Shell Will Build Cross-Country Charging Network For EVs

Porsche Asia Pacific and Shell today jointly announced the implementation of Southeast Asia’s first high-performance cross-border charging (HPC) network.

The network will include 12 charging stations at six Shell stations strategically located along Malaysia’s north-south highway. It offers electric vehicle (EV) drivers the ability to travel from Singapore to Penang without having to worry about their vehicle running out of power.

Singapore and Malaysia operate one of the world’s busiest international land border crossings at the Sultan Iskandar Building and Woodlands Checkpoint.

If the issue of future electric mobility is global, Southeast Asia amply demonstrates the complexity and diversity of the challenges and opportunities that await us.

As more customers embrace electric vehicles and governments seek to meet their climate goals, the partnership between Porsche and Shell is one of many examples of how industry players need to come together to play a key role in helping the transport sector to decarbonize and pave the way for cleaner mobility solutions. for the customers.

Amr Adel, Senior Vice President, Mobility East, Shell

The sites will be integrated into existing Shell charging networks, comprising 18 Shell Recharge 50kW fast charging stations at Shell stations and 87 Greenlots public charging stations in Singapore. There are currently 18 “Reserve + Shell Recharge” charging stations in Malaysia.

Called Shell Recharge, the charging stations will be fitted with 180 kW DC chargers, offering the highest charging capacity of the two countries. The chargers will come with two CCS Type 2 connectors, which allow a single EV to be charged up to 180 kW, or two separate EVs to be charged at 90 kW each.

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In a joint statement, the two companies said the offer will be rolled out in stages with four stations to be ready in the second half of 2021 and two more stations in the first half of 2022.

Once launched, the chargers will be available for all electric vehicles using the CCS Type 2 charging connector, which is widely used in both countries. Porsche customers will benefit from special rates at Shell Recharge.

Targeting the anxiety problem from a distance

Range anxiety is a problem many EV drivers face, and it refers to the fear of an EV running out of battery in the middle of the trip. This is especially a problem when traveling long distances, such as between Singapore and Malaysia.

This development is likely to boost the adoption rate of EVs in Singapore. With cross-border road traffic between Singapore and Malaysia being very high, many Singaporeans fear that switching to an EV will hamper these journeys.

With the implementation of the new EV chargers, drivers can reliably use them for trips across the country without fear of range anxiety knowing they can never really get far enough to the next point. fast charge.

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We have invested in building an EV charging infrastructure to reduce range anxiety for our customers and this initiative is one of many examples of Shell providing solutions to meet our customers’ fuel needs. cleaner energy solutions.

Shairan Huzani Husain, Managing Director of the Cluster, Mobility Malaysia and Singapore, Shell

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