PJ Cinema Amenic Film Space Shuts Down Due To The Pandemic

As we’ve seen big-name movie chains like GSC, TGV, and MBO take the hit with COVID-19 last year, small local movie venues are no exception either.

Two days ago, Amenic Film Space (Amenic) took to their Facebook page to announce their closure after two and a half years of operations.

The pandemic affected them in particular: their plans to move to a new space three times the size and able to accommodate 50 people were foiled.

“Our longevity and greater opportunities rested on this upgrade. But COVID-19 has happened and made operational cracks worse. With the end of COVID-19 nowhere in sight, the blind monthly rental and the worsening of the cracks, we have decided to end Amenic before it hurts us any more, ”they shared in their Facebook post. .

He was addressing a niche crowd

Amenic is a small cinema operated by Jovy Low and Tay Shen Thuu in Damansara Kim. The concept of this business began when the duo wanted to find a solution for those who enjoy watching movies on the big screen, but prefer to do so from the comfort of a smaller circle.

Jovy and Shen Thuu were actually inspired by the coworking spaces that were becoming more and more common around PJ and KL at the time, and the communities that built them.

Their selection of films / Image credit: Amenic Film Space

So although it was primarily a small cinema space, they also had desks for individuals and groups for those who wanted to dine, play games, or even catch up on some work.

“Come in your clothes home?” No problem. Bring your smelly pillow? You’re welcome. And since the space is yours, you can talk, laugh and cry without worrying about disturbing others, ”Jovy said in an interview with Vulcan Post previously.

When they first started, they already had over 150 movies to choose from, including blockbusters like Jurassic Park and The Avengers, as well as old classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Through the reviews on their Facebook page, it’s clear that many of their fans enjoyed the convenience of their space due to its privacy. Additionally, many of them also said that they enjoyed being able to discuss the movie without worrying about disturbing others.

Inside an Amenic Cinema / Image Credit: Amenic Film Space

“I found my home for the movies. A space where the films are not only watched but discussed in detail. A space where you can feel good (even more cozy than at home!). A space where the two friendly receptionists know how to recommend good films to you. The best part of it all? Can press pause and use the toilet, ”summed up one reviewer.

Some of their customers enjoying craft beer while watching a movie / Image Credit: Amenic Film Space

Even GSC is sad to see them go

On their Facebook post, they received over 100 comments from their fans on how much they are going to miss, one of them including GSC.

As Amenic prepares to shut down completely, they have not forgotten their responsibilities to the supporters either. They said they will send emails and post more information on AVouchers and unused credits.

They also mentioned having dropped some Blu-rays and posters, and fans can expect to see more posts with additional details from Amenic in the coming days before they officially say goodbye.

Amenic’s team did not promise to return in the future, but many fans have expressed their hope that this will happen.

Editor’s Note: We have reached out to Amenic’s team to learn more about their situation and will update this article accordingly.

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Featured Image Credit: Amenic Film Space

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