Personal Income Tax e-Filing For First-Timers In 2020

It’s that time of year again! The very (in) famous tax season is here and if this is your first time, you might be a little more lost than excited.

Here’s our checklist to walk you through the many documents, steps, and forms you need to go through to get your tax return filed and dusted.

Note that e-Filing starts from March 1st of each year!

IMoney Income Tax Calculator

Check here how much tax you will pay with the latest tax rates.

You should know that there are two types of filing: electronic filing which, as the name suggests, is done electronically and manual filing, which requires you to print the income tax form and fill it out manually. .

Obviously, electronic filing is more convenient, simpler and more user-friendly. The best part? It will automatically calculate your income tax, which will make the whole process less painful.

Now, before you can file your tax return, you need to make sure that you have the following documents on hand.

Document checklist

All you need to do is tick off the items in the checklist below one by one, and the best time to start gathering your necessary receipts, documents, and details is now.

Last payslip (EA / EC form) or payslip.
Identity card (IC) / Police IC / Army IC / International passport.
Marriage certificate (if applicable).
Visit to complete the income tax file registration (you will need to upload a copy of your IC here).
After approval, visit the LHDN branch near you to obtain your PIN code. When ordering Motion Control (MCO), requesting your e-filing PIN can be made using the LHDN Customer Feedback Form.
Reference number (MyKad, passport, marriage or tax reference number).
Income statement (EA form, dividends, rent, pension, royalties, etc.)
EPF declaration.
Receipts to request reliefs, refunds and exemptions.
Visit the official LHDN website to do your taxes.
Choose the correct income tax form (if you are a natural person with non-business income, choose the BE income tax form (e-BE) and choose the tax year 2020.)
Carefully fill out your tax breaks, tax rebates, and tax exemptions.
Check all the information, declare, sign and send!
Keep proof of purchase or expense for the items you claim for up to seven years.

Current tax breaks

Check one by one if you qualify for these tax breaks. Don’t miss a thing!

Study cost

(Masters or doctorate level degree to acquire qualifying skills in law, accounting, Islamic finance, technical, professional, industrial, scientific or technological, Masters or doctorate level degree to acquire skills or of qualifications)

Medical fees

(For serious illnesses of oneself, spouse or child, complete medical examination for oneself, spouse or child, medical expenses for the parents)

Lifestyle expenses

(Purchase of books, journals, magazines, printed newspapers and other similar publications, personal computer, smartphone or tablet, sports equipment for any sporting activity within the meaning of the Sport Development Act 1997 (excluding two-person bikes) motorized wheels) and gym membership for yourself, spouse or child and payment of the monthly Internet subscription bill)

Child care expenses

(Breastfeeding equipment, ordinary aid for children, childcare costs in a nursery or kindergarten)

Insurance and other policies

(Life insurance, EPF, deferred annuity and PRS, insurance premium for education or medical service, SOCSO)


(Disabled person, child, wife, husband and basic equipment)

Children’s education

(Education for unmarried child aged 18 and over for pre-tertiary and tertiary education in Malaysia and outside Malaysia, additional exemption for disabled child pursuing tertiary education, net savings in SSPN scheme)


(Self-employed and dependent, support payments)

Check the amount of tax you will pay with the latest tax rates and compare it to what you paid last year IMoney Income Tax Calculator.

For a more detailed, step-by-step guide to e-Filing, visit iMoney’s Malaysia Income Tax Electronic Filing Guide.

Read the full list of iMoney and its explanation of tax breaks here.

And, for all there is to know about personal income tax in Malaysia, visit The Definitive Guide to Personal Income Tax in Malaysia.

Good e-filing of your taxes!

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