OpenAcademy’s Guide Of Marketing Tips From 100 Industry Experts

Many companies are reportedly already making plans on how to survive another year with the pandemic potentially still present.

With that in mind, the OpenAcademy team decided, “What if we could bring together 100 industry experts and get them to share business and marketing information for 2021 to help businesses?”

After brainstorming and reaching out to industry experts, they’ve put together a free guide with tips, advice, ideas and lessons from 100 seasoned marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners, mostly from South Asia. -East.

Marketing at the heart

OpenAcademy is a data-driven martech (marketing + technology) consultancy firm based in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Dictionary time: The difference between martech and digital marketing is that martech is the technology – the hardware, the software, and the platform – behind what someone uses to market, whereas digital marketing is online marketing. In other words, you can use martech to do digital marketing.

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It’s an extension of their parent company, OpenMinds, a digital marketing consulting startup. It was started by Jan Wong, who entered the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list in 2017.

The OpenMinds team / Image credit: OpenMinds

When the company turned 7 in 2019, it expanded to include education as a service it provides, which saw OpenAcademy see the light of day, according to BeamStart.

On their site, you can find training courses such as digital marketing, creative, improving technology skills, and analytics. At the moment, the only classes available are Digital Marketing and Creative, with the other two coming soon.

What you can expect from the guide

In this guide, readers can expect to see tips and advice from big local names like myBurgerLab, Fave, Biji-Biji Initiative, Munchy’s, and Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), to name a few. only a few.

Besides these big local names, readers can also expect to see advice from big international names like Sephora, Baskin Robbins, Techstars and Carousell, as well as brands we’ve written about before like Piktochart, Fuhla, and BloomThis.

Since this guide focuses on helpful and quick tips, they are not too long and some are more general than others. Here are some snippets of examples you can find:

“Brands should look for opportunities to collaborate with companies that can leverage their strengths creatively,” said Andy Ng, CEO of FourbyFORE by FOREFRONT, a creative digital agency. We know this is something that works, because it is what brands like Pestle & Mortar Clothing are actively doing to build their brand.

“While a brand’s target market is youth and young adults, the eSports and games market is one of the fastest growing markets worth investing in in South Asia. East, ”said Constance Lim, founder of MEGPLAY, a community esports center.

“Social enterprises should also focus on developing the community that already exists to turn them into brand ambassadors who will further spread the messages you share,” said Rashvin Pal Singh, CEO of the Biji-Biji Initiative Group, a social enterprise for a sustainable way of life.

“It is important for brands to look at the humanization of the brand especially in this robotic world. People love to buy from people, ”said Khushboo Nangalia, founder of Beyond99, a digital marketing agency.

“Brands should start investing their ad spend in micro-influencers, they may be small at the moment, the best bet is that they will grow with more followings someday, we want to grow the relationship when they start”, said said Andrew Lee, Marketing Director. by influencer marketing firm Komaci Network Sdn Bhd.

“One size fits all products and solutions will become increasingly obsolete. Hyperpersonalization / personalization for customers will become even more important as digital adoption accelerates in 2020, ”said Dinesh Ratnam, Country Manager (Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei) of iQIYI, an online video platform .

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For the most part, the majority of contributors to this information emphasized the importance of the digitalization of businesses.

This is arguably the single most important pivot that most offline businesses will need to do for the year, so now is the time for many of us to hone our skills or invest in digitization.

If you would like to access the full guide, you can request a free copy by signing up here.

And if you still want to learn more about OpenAcademy, you can download its app and get more information about the company along the way.

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Featured Image Credit: Freda Liu, host and author / Kimberly Wan, Otomate Me / Rashvin Pal Singh, Biji-Biji Initiative

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