Online Classes For Men In M’sia To Improve Their Health And Wellness

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According to a 2015 National Health Morbidity Survey, the life expectancy of men in Malaysia is shorter than that of women by about five to six years.

Being at home on CMCO means many of us miss going to the gym or taking fitness classes with friends.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn new skills, to stay in shape or maintain our sanity. Together with Movember and AIA, we’ve put together a list of a few online courses that men can use to manage diet, physical and mental health.

The more you know: Movember is an annual event that takes place in November – to raise awareness about men’s health issues. Movember was originally a movement where men grow their mustaches during the month of November.

Watching what you eat really matters

An important aspect of health management is as simple as monitoring what we eat. If you only devour fatty foods on a daily basis, you also face an increased risk of diabetes, acne, heart disease, and stroke.

While most diet-focused online courses are courses for nutritionists, there are some for the average Joe who is just looking to learn more about how to take care of their own health.

1. Introduction to Human Nutrition – Revised

Alison is an international portal with more than 2000 courses for different skills. But this course focuses on nutrition to give you insight into your personal food choices.

At the end of the course, you will have an idea on how to create a healthy diet suitable for your own body.

Price: Free / Alison

2. The First Step course

Nutrition Track is a local business founded by Adele Wong, a nutritionist who provides dietetic services to corporate groups, media, teams and individuals.

Thanks to his First Step course, you will better understand a sustainable way to eat healthy. This is actually a full 8 week course, so it will take some dedication to implement it in your life.

Some of the classes in Nutrition Track / Image credit: Nutrition Track

The course comes with a meal planner, habit tracker, and portion guides so you can easily track your diet.

Price: RM400 for the course / Nutrition monitoring

Take care of your physical well-being

Due to the current situation, some local gyms offer online classes for everyone, even if you are not a gym member. This means you no longer have to wonder how the courses are when you join them now.

1. Get your engraving virtually

Since its first club in Malaysia in 2001, Fitness First is now one of the largest fitness chains in Malaysia.

With the MCO, they even had to travel to offer virtual courses to their clients.

Thanks to their long list of specialist trainers, they have classes ranging from freestyle to strength training and yoga. As for the equipment, Fitness First said all you will need is the proper attire and a yoga mat and you will be good to go.

If you want, you don’t even need to activate your webcam to join.

In November, they have a special package alongside Celebrity Fitness and FIRE Fitness for unlimited access to all of their virtual classes.

Price: RM25 for November or RM10 per class / Fitness first

2. Safe jumping at home

Jumping is a dynamic physical training system that uses trampolines as a form of exercise. According to Jumping Fitness Malaysia, jumping is three times more efficient than jogging because it uses over 400 muscles at the same time.

They now offer online classes with unlimited online VOD streaming for a month, but obviously you’ll need to rent a trampoline for the exercise. For the first month, they offer a free one-month pass for those who rent a trampoline.

Price: RM150 (virtual course pass with VOD) + RM350 (trampoline rental 1 month) / Jumping Fitness Malaysia

One of their classes taken before the CMCO / Image credit: Jumping Fitness Malaysia

Giving weight to the “ physical form ” of mental health

According to the UM Specialist Center (UMSC), mental illness could be the second biggest health problem affecting Malaysians, and every 3 in 10 adults over 16s suffer from some form of mental health problem.

In a study conducted by the Malaysian Burden of Disease and Injuries in 2000, they reported that men are more prone to mental disorders such as drug addiction, suicidal tendencies, alcohol dependence and violence than women.

Mental illness often remains a hidden taboo subject. Getting the right help with mental illness can be a lifeline. Along the way, maintaining a good mindfulness can also be key.

1. Know how to cope with mental illness

ThoughtFull is a platform that gives people an easily accessible and affordable solution.

For ThoughtFull, mental health is something that needs to be exercised or maintained on a regular basis.

When you approach the ThoughtFull team, they give you a personalized approach to your issues and allow the user to measure and track their health outcomes over time.

They recently launched a few courses on how people can navigate duality (in terms of work / life) and how to deal with personal and professional breakdowns.

Price: SGD 199 (approx RM606) per month, with a 14-day free trial with code (TRYTFC) / Full Thought

Know your health

To help Malaysians live healthier lives, AIA Malaysia has created an online health assessment tool under AIA Vitality to help you monitor your condition.

AIA Vitality aims to be like a virtual coach to guide and motivate you to stay healthy, even during this trying year.

To join AIA Vitality, you have to pay a monthly fee of RM 10, but you will have access to discounts such as gym memberships, health checks, and even online shopping. Most importantly, you take a look at your condition and see what needs to be addressed in order to live a healthier life.

Take charge of your life

AIA Malaysia has also just launched a campaign called #BrosInterrupted, in collaboration with Movember. So that men can better understand their current health situation.

My #BrosInterrupted quiz results, guess I have some work to do

By joining this campaign you have a chance to win a grand prize from a home gym worth RM1299 and a BP health screening voucher worth RM 1,600.

In order to get a chance to win this enticing grand prize, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Take the #BrosInterrupted quiz here.
  2. Capture the result and post it on Instagram or Facebook.
  3. Complete this sentence as a caption: “A real brother takes care of his other brothers because …“In 20 words or less
  4. Tag 3 of your brothers, tag @aiamalaysia and use the hashtag #BrosInterrupted #AIAMalaysia.

  • For more information on AIA’s #BrosInterrupted campaign, click here.
  • Join AIA Vitality here.

Image Credit: Kunal Goswami / Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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