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Olympic Athletes Come With Olympic-Sized (but Healthy) Diets

Allison Mankowski, registered dietitian; Sports Dietitian, Eastern Michigan University.

NBC Sports: “How many calories did Michael Phelps consume as a swimmer. “

Livestrong: “Which sport burns the most calories per hour?” “

Men’s health: “Olympic swimmer Ryan Murphy swears by that breakfast every day.”

CNBC: “How the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt mentally prepares for a race.”

USA Gymnastics: “Weight Management, Nutrition, and Energy Requirements for Gymnastics.”

Harvard Health Publishing: “Calories Burned in 30 Minutes for People of Three Different Weights. “

Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition: “The Risk of Low Energy Availability in Chinese Female Aesthetic and Recreational Sports Athletes.”

Dominique Dawes, three-time Olympian and Olympic gold medalist; owner, Dominique Dawes Gymnastics & Ninja Academy.

Cosmopolitan: “What Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas really eats in a day.”

United States team.

British GQ: “Usain Bolt’s Real Diet.”

It: “This is what Olympic weightlifter Morghan King really eats in a day.”

Meagan Nielsen, registered dietitian; Team Dietitian, United States Weightlifting.

Tim Swords, coach of Sarah Robles; owner of the Houston Weightlifting Team.

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